The Inside Scoop On Islamic Power-Players Within The Trudeau Government

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Justin Trudeau has accomplished more for the Islamic community of Canada in four years than would have organically occurred over the course of four decades. Part of the reason is found in the Cabinet Members and Members Of Parliament Mr. Trudeau selected to empower within the Liberal Caucus.

In 2015, Justin Trudeau appointed dual Saudi-Canadian citizen Omar Alghabra to the position of Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs.  Alghabra, rumoured to be a ex-member of the Muslim Brotherhood, is responsible for all foreign Canadian consulate offices world wide.

In 2015, Mr. Alghabra, a former donut salesman, arranged a Canada-wide tour of mosques for PM Trudeau to visit and preach his pro-Islamic ideological stance. Over 1400 guests joinedspecial guest Justin Trudeau at the Islamic Center of Canada for the first ISNA Canada sponsored Iftaar of Ramadan.  On behalf of ISNA Canada and our surrounding community, they thanked Justin Trudeau and his team– including Omar Alghabra-for their visit and support.”

Next up, MP Maryam Monsef, Minister of Status of Women. Did you know? MP Monsef’s place of birth is UNKNOWN. It is rumoured to be either Afghanistan or Iran–but no one knows for sure. Are readers aware that at the time Justin Trudeau placed her in charge of the Electoral Reform file,  Monsef had only lived in Canada FOR SIX YEARS. She was thirty-one years of age at the time– a FIRST TIME MP who grew up in a NON-DEMOCRATIC Islamic nation.

Then when she flopped in this position, PM Trudeau moved her to the Minister For Status of Women portfolio. Yet, Ms. Monsef is a supporter of Sharia Law–which includes permissible Child Marriage and female genital mutilation practices. What an incredibly poor choice!

MP Iqra Khalid is another fascinating case. It was she–a dual Pakistani-Canadian citizen, who initiated the M103 “Islamophobia” motion, which effectively elevated the Nation Of Islam to a social status ABOVE ALL OTHER organized religions in Canada.

Are you aware? On May 12, 2018 , Iqra Khaid dedicated  a park in Winnipeg to the FOUNDER OF PAKISTAN, M.A. Jinnah. This man  was responsible for the amputation of historic Hindustan leading to the death of a million lives in 1947, three million in 1971 and four wars.

A park in Winnipeg, Canada dedicated to the founder of Pakistan. WHY? No one knows–it’s a complete MYSTERY–made even more mysterious by the fact that establishment media in Canada BURIED the entire story. Meanwhile, Ms. Khalid has yet to say a disparaging word regarding the murder of Christians and other blasphemers within her beloved Pakistan.

Worst of all is MP Ahmed Hussen, current immigration minister of Canada. Simply put, this fellow does not like traditional Canadian identity, heritage and religion. Hussen is another dual citizen-– a Somali national who also hold a Canadian passport. Since PM Trudeau elevated Mr. Hussen to one of the most powerful government positions in Canada, he has gone all-in on a TRANS-formation of Canadian society into a nation-state dominated by globalist, Third World and Islamic forces.

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As a measure of dedication to Canada, Hussen informed CBC that if boss-man Justin loses the 2019 federal election, he will RETURN to Somalia, and push his brethren upon Canada from there. Such dedication to the Great White North, eh? Subsequently, CBC BURIED his comments, never to be found again.

These are just four of the power-players Justin Trudeau elevated within government. Not one of them–as well as Trudeau himself– has ever issued  one word of criticism or condemnation of Islamic religious practices in Canada. This includes female genital mutilation(illegal), child marriage(also illegal) Sharia Law(breach of Charter), ISIS militants, religious misogyny, or any other aspect of Islamic religious practice.

They all place Islam ABOVE Canada, its laws, its culture, identity and heritage. Justin Trudeau understood this from day one. He does appear rather “intimately connected” to the ways of Islam, Sharia and the Koran.

Why does our “progressive” and “feminist”PM support archaic and misogynist religious law in Canada?  Funding, advancing, protecting, insulating, elevating one specific identifiable community above all others. That is not the role of a prime minister. Rather, it is the behaviour of an amateur political IDEOLOGUE— one with so little understanding of the fundamentals of the role of prime minister he had to go off on a political/religious tangent not a single Canadian asked or voted for.


24 thoughts on “The Inside Scoop On Islamic Power-Players Within The Trudeau Government”

    • Unfortunately, the Canadian constitution would have to be opened for this type of change. It will not happen, because Pierre Trudeau created and integrated the Charter of Rights and Freedoms into our constitution in 1982.

      You see, members of the Trudeau family do not screwed around when it is time to decimate English Canada–which is exactly what is occurring now. The First Nations Genocide Project we are reading about in the news currently is part of this propgram.

    • not necessary. what is necessary, however, is a maturity in the election process, where we don’t vote for the candidate with the best hair, or the recognizable family name, without knowing anything about their qualifications, track record, or character.

      WE made a drama teacher our prime minister.

    • This is a ridiculous idea. But whatever, it will never happen. What I wondee is whether any of the facts in this article could substantiated.

  1. Think Maryam Monsef was in Peterborough from about 1996. She would have been here illegally since she was about 12 years old not 25 years old as stated.

    • Monsef moved away for years. She also met with the govt of Afghanistan less than a year before Trudeau appointed her to the Electoral Reform file. As is well known, NO ONE pops into that country and meets with top officials unless they are well connected- especially when it is a female.

    • I am another one who is sick of Trudeau favoritism or not-favoritism in HIS government…and it’s supposed to be “peoples government”

      disillusion Marta

  2. As a measure of dedication to Canada, Hussen informed CBC that if boss-man Justin loses the 2019 federal election, he will RETURN to Somalia, and push his brethren upon Canada from there

    Brad, this is news to me, surely you must have seen a video or transcript of Hussen making this statement?
    Canadians need to know of this since we who have been blindsided, denied of threats to our nation by this mp. No one in fed Gov gives a dam about our country to stand by with her. We are left to our own devices to warn canadians. Every bit of information is greatly needed. Thank you for letting us know, I do appreciate it

    • As mentioned in the article, Hussen made the statement during an interview with CBC. After the fact, it was scrubbed by the internet. Cannot find the original article on the web.

      • I can honestly tell you now that your boss man will be defeated come October and with the new government in place charges will be laid against this former drama teacher for his crimes against the Canadian people .

  3. this is disgusting for a former drama teacher to be able to do what he has done to this one proud nation of ours. He is no better than Nicolae Ceausescu for what that traitor did to his country and Trudeau should feel the wrath of Canadians for the same. He should be charged, and convicted for his treason against Canadians and hung. we have to send a clear message before its too late that Canadians demand that their elected representatives listen to their constituents and govern this country as the people want and not as some 3rd world

  4. Where was Justin when 2 young scandavian ladies were beheaded alive, using a knife. There is a video on the net, showing this ugly event. The lady is screaming, as they start to cut her neck, and starts to slowly drown on her own blood, and then all screams are gone, and the only are them sawing thru her neck! I wonder why no one speaks of this, but if we speak against Islam, omg, justin will personally shut us down! Fuck you Justin, I hope they come for you Real Soon! They will start with your kids, rape your wife, and finally get around to you, Now What, your Words will not help you now

  5. Three of them; Omar Alghabra, Iqra Khalid and Ahmed Hussen are confirmed members of the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD.

    • The developed country of Canada is being TRANS-formed from democracy to dictatorship. This is the NWO goal, and this is what Trudeau, Somalian MP Ahmed Hussen, M103 founder MP Iqra Khalid and the rest are working toward. Third World Canada to overwhelm English Canada with the goal of transforming Anglos to a minority community lacking the rights the Third World “minorities” will maintain indefinitely.


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