The impact of mass Muslim immigration in Europe will be felt in Australia

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The arrival of about a million Muslim men in Europe during 2014 and 2015, most of them unaccompanied, most not refugees from Syria, and most of whom would have been classified as illegal immigrants until European border control was plunged into turmoil earlier this year, has set in train a political shock wave…

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1 thought on “The impact of mass Muslim immigration in Europe will be felt in Australia”

  1. Isn’t anyone else concerned about the possibility of having the same issues what Europe is facing here in Canada? I know I am and certainly I blame the “multicultural” agenda that Westernized countries have adopted without the people’s consent. It doesn’t make sense yo allow a flood of people who have differing beliefs on such things as feminism, democracy or gay rights and don’t forget the recent challenge with regards to accepting wearing a niqab when becoming a Canadian citizen. Once Islamic ideologies, however small, are asked to be implemented throughout society it will only escalate to Sharia law and that old saying give an inch and he’ll take a mile comes to mind.


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