The Hidden World Of Trudeau’s Rural Immigration Policy Agenda For Canada

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“Canada’s minister of immigration, Marco Mendicino, made two announcements on changes to the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program (RNIP) on December 14, 2020.”

One year of eligible work experience is still required for the program, but having breaks in employment does not make someone ineligible for the program.”

Readers will likely view this change in Canada’s Rural Immigration Program as relatively minor. They are correct. What really counts here is the program in and of itself.

Away from public awareness, the implications of this piece of  rural-oriented immigration policy couldin the long run completely transform the identity of our nation. To comprehend what Cultural Action Party are driving at, a point expressed ad nauseum must once again be referenced:

Any form of pre-conceived national transformation by way of a government is put forth in an incremental manner. To unload the full picture at one time is not a path to success.

In terms of the Rural Immigration Policy — one introduced at the tail-end of  MP Ahmed Hussen’s tenure as immigration minister– is found a  replication of demographic make-up within urban Canada. Specifically, we  are referencing the Greater Toronto Area(GTA).

If mainstream media were being forthright, they would expose the fact that a symbiotic relationship in the GTA exists between 3rd world immigration, and the election of 3rd world MP’s. They never have. Could Trudeau and  team be gunning for a replication of Liberal GTA political domination within rural Canada?

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Now, let’s do something shunned by CBC and corporate media– project into the future:

Understanding the “step-by-step” methodology implicit in the agenda, the number of rural communities involved in the program will double within four years. Next, repeat every 4 years for 24 years in succession.  Throw in an easing of requirements, which has just occurred according to the Canadian Immigration News report.

Fast-forward to the year 2044, and what do we find? 90% of the 338 ridings in Parliament are owned by the Liberal Party. What then is the purpose of federal democratic governance?

Quick answer– there is none. Is this the goal of the ruling Liberal government of Canada? This can, and more than likely will– play out as a decimation of democratic process.

On a more pragmatic basis, why would the Conservative Party of Canada– if they exist at this time in the future– spend millions upon millions to campaign when the Liberals own 90% of Canadian ridings?

Quick answer–they wouldn’t– and nor would any other competing federal party–if they even exist.

CAP Conclusion: Nothing less than the idea that the Rural Immigration Pilot Program has a potential to ultimately transitional Canada from democracy to dictatorship. Degree to which establish media would ever allude to this scenario? Never.  Sound like media towing the line of the ruling government to you? Of course they are, and of course this is another sign of a nascent socialist dictatorship.

Did Justin Trudeau direct 3rd world evangelist-immigration minister MP Ahmed Hussen to implement this program–away from the general knowledge of 38 Million Canadians?

As is typical within  “Great Reset” Canada, our citizenship will only discover the truth when it is far too late to alter the situation. This is, of course, the role media play within our “post-modern” society.

— Brad Salzberg, Founder, Cultural Action Party(est. 2016)



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  1. “One year of eligible work experience is still required for the program, but having breaks in employment does not make someone ineligible for the program.” Note the fine print: The work experience doesn’t have to be in Canada. One year is preferred; one day will be acceptable. Additionally; Washing your own dishes, and making your own bed is considered work experience. Proof is optional; References not required. “Diversity is our strength/La diversité est notre force.” (TradeMark; Government/Gouvernement du Canada.


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