The Hidden Political Power Of Trudeau’s HALF-CITIZEN 3RD WORLD MP’s In Canada

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Last year, 10 [Australian] MPs and senators were removed from office for violating a constitutional rule that prohibits federal political candidates from being dual nationals.

“Charter Breach!” screams uber-refugee pusher, NDP Immigration Critic, MP Jenny Kwan. “Um…Jenny…this is in Australia--not Canada.”  

Big difference, eh? As it happens, under the government of Justin Trudeau, dozens of members of parliament hold dual citizenship. Here are a few key players– all members of Justin Trudeau’s GTA powerhouse cabal:

MP’s Ahmed Hussen(dual citizen, Somalia), Iqra Khalid(Pakistan), Maryam Monsef(unknown), Omar Alghabra(Saudi Arabia). Heart-warming, isn’t it?

Please do tell, fellow partriots: why is it that the CBC never allude to this suspicious parliamentary configuration? Did Globe & Mail inform Canadians of the change the PM of Australia made in this regard?

Of course not!  CBC work for Trudeau, who in turn works on behalf of the governments of Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Somalia. How outrageous–or it would be–if Canadians understood the true political dynamics at play.

 Minister of Families and Children? A current Somalian citizen. PM Trudeau’s parliamentary secretary– MP Omar Algabra–half citizen of either Syria or Saudi Arabia–hard to tell, really.

Minister of Women’s Rights is Maryam Monsef of Afghanistan. Or Iran. Seems only Justin and her hairdresser know for sure.

In 2019, Liberal MP Majid Jowadri, dual Iranian-Canadian citizen, was accused of being a tad “too friendly” with the government of Iran. A giant lie, of course, was his official “comeback.”  No surprise–CBC backed the Iranian MP to diffuse the situation.

Additional Liberal MP’s contributing to Justin Trudeau’s agenda of political, social and economic re-invention of Canadian society include the following half-citizen Liberal MP’s:

Arif Virani(Uganda), Eva Nassif (Lebanon), Ramez Ayoub(Syria), Chandra Arya(India), Kamal Khera(India), Marwan Tabbara(Lebanon), Yasmin Ratansi(Tanzania), Salma Zahid(Pakistan), Ali Ehsassi,(Geneva- Switzerland),  approximately two dozen more.

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CAP Observations Guaranteed To Make A Patriot’s Blood Boil:

CBC and corporate media have NEVER ONCE pointed this out. Turns out that a profound transformation has been instituted by PM Justin Trudeau to create a “United Nations” replica parliamentary structure.

This GIANT piece of political posturing has never once been recognized by the “Team Trudeau” media moguls in Canada– WHY?

Did you know that the founder of  Islamic-indemnifying M103 motion is a present-day citizen of Pakistan? Half-citizen Liberal GTA MP Marwan Tabbara has been accused of sexual exploitation and domestic violence. Degree to which media suggested Mr. Marwan head back to Lebanon? Nothing– not a single word from CBC and the rest.

Getting the picture here, fellow patriots? CAP bet you are–so this makes perhaps 2% of Canadians who understand what Justin Trudeau has done to our nation.

The man has internationalized Parliament in a replication of the United Nations. From a power perspective, which “lobby” within the U.N. holds the most power?

This happens to be the “Saudi Arabia-oriented” component. Therefore, we will argue that Justin Trudeau has done what CAP claimed he would accomplish from day one:

The political, social, and economic empowerment of the 3rd World within society. The most serious side-effect of the project? A disempowerment of Anglo-European Canada–his ultimate goal as prime minister.

Here’s the thing, brother and sister patriot: PM Justin is giving control of Canada over to a cabal of foreign citizens from the Middle East, Asia, and Africa.

Witness as the winds of change blow through the dying Great White North. There is a symbiotic relationship at play here– 3rd World MP’s get voted in by 3rd World voters. In turn, the more 3rd World voters, the more 3rd World MP’s win the day.

Trudeau Solution: Establish the highest immigration quotas in Canadian history. Watch as CTV yawn over the whole thing. No big deal if English Canada is eradicated, says “John Smith,” publisher of the Globe & Mail.

In the year 2020, this is what our country is up against–a combined government/media assault upon society. Media say NOTHING as power in the former Great White North is trans-itions to 3rd World Canada. 

CAP despise the man– and will until our dying day–which may well be coming along soon.






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