The Hidden Influence Of The Nation Of Islam Within Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Government

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Justin Trudeau has accomplished more for the Islamic community of Canada in four years than would have organically occurred over the course of three decades. Part of the reason is found in the Cabinet Members and Members Of Parliament Mr. Trudeau selected to empower within the Liberal Caucus.

In 2015, Justin Trudeau appointed dual Saudi-Canadian citizen Omar Alghabra to the position of Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs.  Alghabra, rumoured to be a ex-member of the Muslim Brotherhood, is responsible for all foreign Canadian consulate offices world wide.

In 2015, Mr. Alghabra, a former donut salesman, arranged a Canada-wide tour of mosques for PM Trudeau to visit and preach his pro-Islamic ideological stance. Over 1400 guests joined special guest Justin Trudeau at the Islamic Center of Canada for the first ISNA Canada sponsored Iftaar of Ramadan.  On behalf of ISNA Canada and our surrounding community, they thanked Justin Trudeau and his team– including Omar Alghabra- for their visit and support.”

Mr. Alghabra is the MP known for proclaiming a “victory for Islam!” upon confirmation of Trudeau’s victory. Quite the dedicated Canadian, eh?

Now, meet MP Maryam Monsef, Minister of Status of Women. Did you know? MP Monsef’s place of birth is unknown. It is rumoured to be either Afghanistan or Iran–but no one but her hair-dresser knows for sure. Are readers aware that at the time Justin Trudeau placed her in charge of the Electoral Reform file,  Monsef had only lived in Canada for six years.  She was thirty-one years of age at the time– a first time MP who grew up in a non-democratic Islamic nation.

Then when she flopped in this position, PM Trudeau moved her to the Minister For Status of Women portfolio. Yet, Ms. Monsef is a supporter of Sharia Law–which includes permissible child marriage and female genital mutilation practices. What an incredibly poor choice!

MP Iqra Khalid is another MP appointment which fascinates. It was she–a dual Pakistani-Canadian citizen, who initiated the M103 “Islamophobia” motion, which effectively elevated the Nation Of Islam to a social status above all other organized religions in Canada. Such dedication to Canadians of all ethnic and religious backgrounds.

Are you aware? On May 12, 2018 , Iqra Khaid dedicated  a park in Winnipeg to the founder of Pakistan, M.A. Jinnah. This man  was responsible for the amputation of historic Hindustan leading to the death of a million lives in 1947, three million in 1971 and four wars. In Pakistan, Christians must pay an extra tax--simply for being Christian.

A park in Winnipeg, Canada dedicated to the founder of Pakistan. Why? No one knows–it’s a complete mystery–made even more mysterious by the fact that establishment media in Canada buried  the entire story. Meanwhile, Ms. Khalid has yet to say a disparaging word regarding the murder of Christians and other blasphemers within her beloved Pakistan.

But worst of all is MP Ahmed Hussen, current immigration minister of Canada. Simply put, this fellow does not like traditional Canadian identity, heritage and religion. Hussen is another dual citizen— a Somali national who also hold a Canadian passport. Since PM Trudeau elevated Mr. Hussen to one of the most powerful government positions in Canada, he has gone all-in on a trans-formation of Canadian society into a nation-state dominated by globalist, Third World and Islamic forces.

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As a measure of dedication to Canada, Hussen informed CBC that if boss-man Justin loses the federal election, he will return to Somalia, and push his brethren upon Canada from there. Such dedication to the Great White North, eh? Subsequently, CBC buried his comments, never to be found again.

These are just four of the ethnocentric power-players Justin Trudeau empowered within government. Not one of them–as well as Trudeau himself– have ever issued  one word of criticism or condemnation of any aspect of Islamic society. This includes female genital mutilation(illegal), child marriage(also illegal) Sharia Law(breach of Charter), ISIS militants, religious misogyny, terrorism, ISIS, Al-queda, or any other aspect of Justin’s “chosen” religious faith.

All these figures, and many others, place Islam above Canada, its laws, culture, identity and heritage. Justin Trudeau understood this from day one. He does appear rather “intimately connected” to the ways of Islam, Sharia and the Koran.

Now, let’s quickly move one step beyond: how is it that Islamic Canada has so much pull within the Trudeau government?The high-level answer– it is because of Pierre Trudeau. It was he who set up a program to transfer billions of dollars from tax-payers to multicultural non-profit organizations.

In 2019, this is manifested by the connection between Khalid, and organizations such as the National Council of Canadian Muslims. Community leaders and non-profits call on Ms. Khalid to deal with those deemed “Islamophobic” or some immigration-related issue that offends their sensibilities. In turn, Khalid goes to Ahmed Hussen, who has the ear of Prime Minister Trudeau.

This multicultural “infrastructure” is the very reason for the empowerment of these communities. It is also a microcosm for the empowerment of Third World Canada, and a corresponding disempowerment for Old Stock Canada. This, folks, is reality of  multiculturalism under the iron-clad grip of King Justin.

Why does our “progressive” and “feminist” PM support archaic and misogynist religious law in Canada?  Why does Mr. Trudeau finance, advance protect, and elevating one specific identifiable community above all others? This is not the role of a prime minister. Rather, it is the behaviour of an amateur political ideologue— one with so little understanding of the role of prime minister he had to go off on a religious tangent not a single Canadian approved of or voted for.

Then, PM Trudeau informs Canadians we live in a “democracy.”


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  1. The Criminal Code establishes offences of “high treason” and “treason,” and offences respecting acts related to treason; it also sets out certain evidential rules and limitation periods for the prosecution of treason offences.
    Under s46 of the Criminal Code, a person commits “high treason” who a) kills, attempts to kill, wounds, imprisons, or restrains the sovereign, b) wages war against Canada or does any act preparatory thereto, or c) assists an enemy at war with Canada or any armed force against whom Canadian forces are engaged in hostilities, even if no state of war exists. The punishment for high treason is life imprisonment, without parole eligibility for 25 years. A person commits “treason” who a) uses force or violence for the purpose of overthrowing the government of Canada or a province, b) discloses, without lawful authority, military or scientific material to agents of a foreign state, if he or she knows or should know that the material may be used to impair Canada’s safety or defence, or c) engages in certain listed conspiracies or attempted offences. The punishment for treason is life imprisonment; normal parole rules apply. Canadian citizens and persons owing allegiance to Her Majesty in right of Canada who commit acts of high treason or treason are punishable under Canadian criminal law even if the acts were performed outside Canada.
    The Criminal Code also penalizes such acts as alarming the sovereign, assisting an alien enemy to leave Canada, failing to make reasonable efforts to prevent the commission of high treason, intimidating Parliament or a legislature, sabotage, incitement to mutiny and sedition.

    Is this not what trudeau and the liberal government are guilty of

  2. So what are Canadians going to DO about it?? What are the RCMP going to do about it?? Sounds to me that Trudeau should be thrown in prison for going against everything Canada IS, and stands for!


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