The FORTY YEAR MEDIA Cover-Up Of Pierre, Justin and Alex Trudeau’s Dedication To Communism

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A well known adage remains universal: “History is made by the winners.” When considering the history of Canada, nowhere is this concept more applicable then when one considers the legacy of our country’s “first family”— that of Pierre Trudeau, and his family offspring.

In truth, the Trudeau Family of Quebec— Pierre as patriarch, as well as sons Justin and Alexandre Trudeau— have been surrounded by a teflon wall of public protection for over forty years.

Naturally, this could never have been accomplished without an element essential to the subterfuge— establishment media complicity— in particular, by way of government-funded media “partner,” Canadian Broadcasting Corporation(CBC).

Upon stripping away this protective shell, what can be revealed contains enough nefarious material to fill a local community library.

We begin at the beginning— the day Pierre Trudeau became prime minister of Canada in the year 1968. It was in the previous year, 1967, that a monumental, yet poorly understood event triggered a new trajectory for the “Great White North”— the city of Montreal’s Expo 67.

Speaking of poorly understood historical events, behind the veil of celebration lay a of fundamental transition in Canadian identity— a change to a “points system” regarding immigration to our country. The piece media neglected was simple, yet profound. The points system was to result in a transition from mainly European-based migration to Third World-dominated immigration intake.

It was Pierre Trudeau, taking over from Liberal Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson, who ushered in this fundamental change. Over the next decade, immigration to Canada became dominated by Asian nations— China, India, as well as Pakistan, Philippines and Korea.

A ground-breaking event served as a catalyst— one which has never been understood in proper context. In the year 1970, PM Pierre Trudeau became the first western leader to establish diplomatic ties with communist China.

Manifold elements of this ground-breaking event allude the people of Canada to this very day. For one thing, media has never properly positioned Pierre Trudeau’s enthusiasm for communism. In what became a recurring theme regarding all things related to the Trudeau family, media approached this situation in a light-hearted, casual manner.

The truth of Pierre Trudeau’s penchant for socialist ideology is no joke. Considering himself a “citizen of the world,” his dedication to globalist ideology went right over the heads of Canadians.

Mr. Pierre was not satisfied with the state of Canadian society. Considering our country a colloquial backwater nation, his idea was to “internationalize” society. In this respect— again eschewed by CBC, CTV and mainstream media— Pierre Trudeau became the founder of Canadian globalism. The impact of this manifested in a series of legislative decisions pushed through Parliament. When we say “pushed through,” what we mean is that these nation-transforming decisions were, in fact, completely devoid of democracy.

Thus began Canada’s slow and steady transition into what was to be the long-term outcome of the “just watch me” ethos of Pierre Trudeau.

Curiosity reigns supreme when considering the collective media approach to the family Trudeau. The overriding theme in terms of approach is one of casual jocularity. Take for example, the depiction of the mental health issues of Margaret Trudeau, mother of Canada’s current prime minister.

Once upon a time, Ms. Margaret was strapped to a gurney while being admitted to a hospital psych ward as it related to a lifelong affliction of manic depression. Not once over the decades has media taken this event seriously. In fact, this and additional mental breakdowns have gone “Broadway.”

In a show attended by her son, current PM Justin Trudeau, Margaret walked an admiring audience through two hours of the beauty of her mental breakdowns. The stuff of great humour, not a single journalist has ever mentioned the fact that mania is often hereditary, and therefore may well be passed down to PM Justin Trudeau.

Additional laughs can be found in the depiction of second son and brother of our PM, Alexandre “Sacha” Trudeau. In a Maclean’s magazine profile dated September, 2016, media has not a single problem with Alex Trudeau’s veneration of Fidel Castro of Cuba. Nor does Maclean’s see any problem with Sacha’s documentary film-making on behalf of the government of Iran. Brother Alexandre once made a film which not only supported the Iranian government’s build up of nuclear arms— the film was also financed by the government of Iran.

BURIED BY MEDIA:  Justin Trudeau’s Brother Alexandre Works As a Film maker For GOVERNMENT OF IRAN

Mr. Alex happens to be the son of a three-term prime minister of Canada, as well as brother of a two-term Canadian PM. Fact is, this curious communist-type has never once uttered a single positive statement about the country of Canada.

Meanwhile, his public statements validate decades-long admiration for communist China, Cuba and Iran. Degree of consternation expressed by CBC Media? Nothing at all- not a single word.

As some may know, Pierre & Margaret Trudeau had a third son by the name of Michel. In what may be the most sketchy family-related political event in Canadian history, Michel Trudeau was reportedly killed in a mountain avalanche while skiing in British Columbia. What is far less known is that six months previous to his death, young Michel Trudeau was nearly killed when a truck ran into his car in rural Manitoba. Reports stated it was a “miracle he survived.” The date of the event was Friday the 13th.

Six months later, youngest son was dead, reportedly by way of an mountain avalanche. The manager of the ski resort stated that he had “never heard of an avalanche occurring in the month of November.” The location where Michel entered the lake was easily accessible, and devoid of heavy currents.

The body was never found. According to reports, three friends were with Michel Trudeau at the time of the death. Not of them ever issued a public statement, nor did their parents.

Was Michel Trudeau “knocked off” by a party with a vendetta against father Pierre? No one will ever know for sure—media has buried the story to this day.

BURIED BY MEDIA: The UNEXPLAINED DEATH Of Michel Trudeau, Brother of PM Justin Trudeau

As it happens, CBC, CTV and corporate media have saved their finest act for a person who is arguably the greatest political deceiver in the history of Canada— current Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.

It is arguable every bit of obfuscation over forty years related to the Trudeau “Dynasty” pales in comparison to media depiction of the man who became Canada’s prime minister in the year 2015.

Take, for example, the ideological affinity between father Pierre, and son Justin Trudeau. The father of multicultural policy in Canada is Trudeau Sr. The prince of multiculturalism within contemporary Canada is Trudeau Jr.

The original champion of mass 3rd World immigration is Mr. Pierre. PM Justin has established the largest immigration quotas in Canadian history.

Who was the founder of mass abortion policy in Canada? This would be Pierre Trudeau. In 2015, PM Justin Trudeau informed all Liberal Party MP’s they must vote pro-abortion—or else.

Who established gay rights in Canada, today known by the acronym LGBT? Shock of the century—it was Trudeau Sr. Who went hog-wild promoting LGBT and transgenderism from 2015-2020? It was son Justin. Getting the picture, fellow Canucks? If not, there is only one reason for this— not once within establishment media has this obvious, blatant father-and-son connection been articulated. Why not?

It is arguable that not only was Pierre Trudeau the founder of multiculturalism—he was, in fact, the prototype person for the founding of Canadian globalism. Who is, without question, the leading proponent of globalist ideology in the year 2020? It is none other than Justin Trudeau.

In truth, multiculturalism is the most overlooked political policy in the history of our nation. Consider this point— through the entire forty year history of this non-democratic legislative policy, not once has so-called “diversity” been analyzed from the perspective of those who fall outside of what we may call “3rd World Canada.”

In other words, how do our Anglophone-Canadian communities actually feel about a policy which results in the disempowerment of what former Conservative PM Stephen Harper referred to as “Old Stock” Canada?

Simply put, it’s a non-issue. But why? Furthermore, why is it that the impact of said policy upon Anglophone Canadians has never been considered by media?

Fact is, by way of mass immigration, a time will arrive when white Canadians transition into a bona fide minority community. Ever read this in the Globe & Mail? The answer is NEVER.

For over four decades— from Pierre Trudeau to Justin Trudeau— media has consistently indulged in bias, subterfuge and obfuscation of the truth of the family Trudeau.

Canadians with common sense would do well to ask themselves the following question: how did the family of Pierre Trudeau — a political entity which venerates socialism, communism, Cuba and China—— become the most powerful political force within said society?

It could not have been done without media compliance. For Cultural Action Party of Canada, this suggests that an agenda of pre-meditated manipulation of society is to be found in a decades long Liberal Party/Media Party partnership of social and political deception.

Brad Salzberg, Founder, Cultural Action Party of Canada(est. 2016)

12 thoughts on “The FORTY YEAR MEDIA Cover-Up Of Pierre, Justin and Alex Trudeau’s Dedication To Communism”

  1. Canada will go down in history has been the stupidest nation populated by the stupidest idiots in the Universe.
    I really hope Canadians who voted #LibCons for 50 years will suffer the most.

    Le Grand Remplacement

    • Such a shame, isn’t it? Although I am not sure stupidity is the only reason. CBC and media have so obviously hidden the commie agenda away from Canadians ever since commie Pierre Trudeau took hold of society in 1968. Communism calls for government and media to work together to propagandize the public–Brad, the author.

    • I totally agree! We hope these LibCons will suffer greatly for openly welcoming COMMUNISM in 🇨🇦 Canada! May the tide of FREEDOM overturn this tyrannical Government of Trudeau with GOD’s WRATH be upon these CORRUPT Government Officials and the rest of their puppets!

  2. facebook is redirecting your posts and or marking them as spam and also had to click to confirm on something to prove I wasn’t a robot. I had to click on your post 5 times to make it work. This was the post. Comments by others on the post were the same and they gave up trying.

  3. Love to know how many of the immigrants have gone to the Province of Quebec? I would put money most were kept out of Quebec for “cultural” reasons.

    I think it’s time western Canada from Manitoba west needs to part from Eastern Canada if we want to survive. We no longer can afford the decisions the east makes for us.

    • This resonates with me. Also WEF founder’s book talks about getting rid of all American and European populations and only keeping Asian populations because they have already been programmed to follow. Then the 300 financially elite of WEF will rule and all resources will be theirs with “automatons” to do their bidding. This is written in “the great reset”.

  4. Even I’m an Asian, I believe in freedom in all people. I agree with the author that Canada should maintain its Anglophone communities.

    There should be White people countries no matter what, just like Asian countries, African countries and various countries of different cultures. Lest one day some idiots just come up with crazy ideas to wipe out some races, you still have somewhere to go, and some people you can feel like families.

  5. Amazing account by people that actually have research this history. It’s a horrendous state of mental closeness twisted to the max. The story of Michael is horrifying to digest. Thanks for the eye opener.


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