The Entire World Wants Justin Trudeau To Step Down

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It’s a phenomenon unlike any in the history of our nation. PM Justin Trudeau’s performance of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” in a hotel bar has brought out the ire of the press around the world.

British, American, and Western European media hit the head on the nail when describing Mr. Trudeau as a “narcissistic dictator.”

“Commentators abroad slammed the incident as disrespectful and out of touch with the national grieving happening in the country. Meanwhile, in Canada the legacy media came to the prime minister’s defence.”

Exactly correct. No matter how inappropriate Justin Trudeau behaves, Canadian media are there to rationalize his antics. There’s good reason for it. Turns out Trudeau has bought off establishment media in Canada.

As such, CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and Toronto Star have transitioned from objective news reporting to protection agency for the PMO. Their defence of Mr. Trudeau’s actions in London this week being another tell-tale sign.

An article from alternative media outlet True North News encapsulates the situation:

 “#TrudeauMustGo goes MEGA VIRAL on Twitter, highlights the diversity of Canadians opposing Trudeau’s tyranny”

“The hashtag “TrudeauMustGo” has gone viral on Twitter as of Sunday with over 400,000+ tweets[now 500k] calling for the resignation of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.”

Degree of exposure from the Canadian press? Not a word. Prompting CAP to draw an unprecedented conclusion:

It’s not only that millions of common-sense Canadians want Trudeau gone. Sick of race-card prostrations and transgender obsessions, people around the planet are calling for our PM’s removal from office.

Is the whole world sick of Justin Trudeau?

This appears to be the case. Yet, in office he remains. Wrapped in a cocoon of non-reality, it doth appear Trudeau remains oblivious to public perception in Canada, as well as among western democratic nations.

Sample, outraged female member of the British Press:

“I have to apologize. When he was first voted in I quite liked him. Since then I’ve realized he’s an arch fascist controlling narcissist. Canada is still living in this viral handmaid’s tale.” He’s tone-deaf to his nation.”

In direct contrast to Canadian media headlines:

“Outrage Over Justin Trudeau Singing ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ Before The Queen’s Funeral Is Much Ado About Nothing” 

Such is the professional drivel that emanates from journalists at the Toronto Star. One of Canada’s premier puppet media outlets, reports say that if you calculate government-funding on a weekly basis, TorStar receive approximately $115,000 per week in Trudeau government subsidies.

Canadian media facilitate what they are being paid to advance: the coming of a covert dictatorship in Canada in which the Liberal Party cannot lose a federal election.

Students of political science call it a “One-Party State.” Hidden from public purview is the fact that government and media have formed a communist-oriented partnership of societal seduction.

In truth, the entire world can see Justin Trudeau for what he is. Playing the clown comes naturally to this silver-spoon fed elitist. Whether in Blackface or prancing about in the latest Bollywood fashions, our prime minister always ends up back in liberal la-la-land.

Without legacy media to transition his idiocy to “sound political behaviour,” all Canadian would Justin Trudeau for who he truly is. For the moment, proper perception is limited to non-Canadians.

“I am a 39 year old mom, wife, and  small business owner. I am passionate about helping people from all walks of life improve their life through nutrition and exercise. Because I chose to do my own research, Trudeau called me a Misogynist, Rascist, & segregated me.#TrudeauMustGo”

“I’m a 45 year old Registered Nurse who’s been “taking up space” for 20 years in long term care. @JustinTrudeau has already dealt with me and facilitated my abrupt career change. According to #JustinTrudeau I have unacceptable views and must be dealt with.#TrudeauMustGo”

400,000 tweets and counting for Canada’s “well-loved” neo-communist dictator.

12 thoughts on “The Entire World Wants Justin Trudeau To Step Down”

  1. I have said it at least 100 times, if not more, that ‘he’ is a full-blown sociopath. A full-blown sociopath has only ONE interest in their life. And that interest is “ME” at all times.

    Nothing else matters, just to be noticed is the only true desire. If anyone would like to argue that point,l I most assuredly am open to any reasoned discussion. I have always refrained from saying ‘I am right,’ and prefer to hear the opinions of others and then have a ‘reasoned’ discussion from which both may well learn.

  2. Warning: a slightly bawdy reference follows. Trudeau could be caught doing a “Pee Wee Herman” over Winston Churchill’s grave. The Canadian Media Party would say he was scratching an itch. (My reference to Herman flashes back to a long ago movie theater incident.) Perhaps the reference is a bit tasteless, and exaggerated; but it serves a point–The detestable Trudeau can do no wrong. Not in the soft minds of the Marxist Kanadian media. Or; as Brad called them; The “protection agency for the PMO.” A perfect title for the communist clones.

  3. It ( have to be politically correct) just doesn’t care! We will continue to have elections, but will results matter: would it step down when it loses? A revolt by the people will be the only answer, however, our generation is too ‘soft’, I fear ( we did vote it in). I fear for the younger generation. They will have to endure the consequences of our failure to rise to the level of our grandparents and great grandparents who stood up for what they believed in and fought for freedom around the world. I apologize to you for being so complacent.

    Anything worth wanting is worth working for, lest we forget the great men and women who went before us: May you RIP on the past battlefields where you gave your lives and spilled blood to try and make the world a better place!

  4. Because of Trudeau, there are people in the hundreds that are not going to have a normal, or long life, because of the vaccine, and he is still pushing the poison for the money it brings in for him #Trudeau must resign

    • you can’t see how the media is bought off? You can’t see how they deflect & spin to protect him? You are unaware that the media is paid, almost 1.5 billion to cbc & 575 million to the rest & I do believe there was an additional 50-60 million just before the last election.
      It may be an ‘opinion’ piece to you but what do you have to say about much of the ‘opinions’ of the bought media?


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