The EKOS poll: Are Canadians getting more racist?

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Recent polling shows opposition to immigration has nearly doubled since 2005 and is threatening to crack the 53 per cent level we saw in 1993. Not only is opposition to immigration in general scaling heights not seen in twenty years but the number of Canadians saying we admit too many visible minorities has just cracked the 40-point ceiling for the first time ever.

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1 thought on “The EKOS poll: Are Canadians getting more racist?”

  1. We are not racist.That’s a lefty term meant to stifle discussion, and put you in your place. We are not anti “them”. We are pro “us”. Big Difference. As much as for instance Muslims and Indians want to keep their culture and practices, so do we Canadians. Why is it seemingly OK for Islamists to promote their Sharia in opposition to our democracy and our decidedly majority Christian-developed laws and customs, but not us? Because the pro multicultural and pro-Islam people have hijacked the discussion, and framed it in such a way as to call any of us racists and bigots at the first sentence. This is totally wrong, aand needs to stop. Wanting to maintain our outstanding way of life is not in any way bigotry or racism. It is simply common sense.


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