Democracy In Decline: The End Of The Relevance Of Public Opinion Within Trudeau’s Canada

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The relevance of the “will of the people,”  has existed as a core element of democracy in Canada since our nation’s founding in 1867. Unfortunately, in 2020 society, one would never know this when considering the behaviour of the Liberal Government of Canada.

A great irony exists in this political paradox. While democratic governance is purported by media as a cornerstone of Canadian society, it turns out that the most transformative policy decisions made by government are devoid of democracy. Additionally, after closely following Canadian media output for decades, CAP cannot recall any form  of media analysis of this curious dynamic.

Moving beyond the theoretical, let’s take a took at what can be considered the most transformative policy of the past 100 yearsMulticulturalism. 

Within contemporary Canada, multiculturalism and diversity exist as a societal cornerstone. The degree of general public input regarding this transformative ideology is one step up from nothing. To place responsibility on the matter, one may consider the idea that prime ministers who share the surname name of Trudeau pay scant attention to such “trivialities.”

After running  the theory past a handful of hyper-partisan non-profit organizations, Pierre Trudeau forced multiculturalism upon society beginning in the year 1971. Seventeen years were to pass before the Conservative government of Brian Mulroney legislated multicultural policy in the year 1988.

Since this time, a grand total of zero analysis of the policy by way of Canadian media has been issued. This in itself is a giant omission, and in CAP’s opinion, one that is 100% intentional.

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Here we see how a lack of true democracy impacts Canada at its very core. Other examples are manifest in immigration policy and refugee policy. In a contemporary example, we look to PM Justin Trudeau’s public proclamation in favour of maintaining citizenship for ISIS terrorists. To generalize— nobody wanted it—yet of his own volition, PM Justin went and did it anyway. Democracy in action? Not at all. Degree of media scrutiny or condemnation by CBC and corporate media? Not a damn thing.

What can astute Canadians glean from these facts? How about the idea that, in reality, Canada is  far less of a democratic nation than citizens would presume. Frankly, this situation has become infinitely more extreme since Justin Trudeau seized control of the consciousness of our society in 2015.  His agenda is far from complete.

CAP Opinion: Canada as a legitimate democratic nation is going to end. Simply put, Justin Trudeau’s decision-making is 100% devoid of the “will of the people.” Or perhaps more succinctly expressed, devoid of the will of the MAJORITY of the people.

While maintaining both the highest per capita immigration quotas on earth, in addition to PM Trudeau’s setting the highest immigration intake programs in Canadian history, Anglophones and Francophones still constitute a demographic majority. Degree of public approval of these policies? Nothing. How could there be, when general society was never consulted.

It is this “slice of the population pie” that Mr. Trudeau completely ignores– the most populous identifiable community in Canada. Think about it–while for the past five years our PM has referenced  Third World communities in great abundance not s single reference to Anglophone Canadians has passed his lips. 

Should Canadians be surprised by these post-modern manifestations? Not in any manner. Will Canadians one day awaken to the truth behind Justin Trudeau’s proclamation that Canada is a post-modern society?

CAP will agree that Trudeau’s Canada is indeed “post-something.”  But rather than Trudeau’s euphemistic use of the term post-modern, an alternate term is far more applicable. Within a decade– two at the most–Canada will transition to a post-democratic nation.

Founder, Pierre Trudeau. Facilitator, Justin Trudeau. In the meantime, mainstream media breathe not a word about this transformation.

— Brad Salzberg, Cap Founder(est. 2016)

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