The Day Justin Trudeau’s Open Border Society CLOSED DOWN Canada

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The more damage the international Open Border Society agenda reaps upon Canadian society, the harder establishment media in Canada work to deceive 37.7 Million Canadians in the following capacity:

PM Justin Trudeau is in no manner the “saviour” of Canada during the Covid-19 crisis. This man is, in fact, the individual most responsible for the success of China’s assault upon democratic nations.

Attention, fellow Canadian patriots: Can you name the person most responsible for “Open Border Society” in Canada? Do tell– who might this be, apart from the prime minister?

Who tweeted a welcome for 50,000 illegal refugees to rush our nation’s borders to receive welfare checks within 30 days? Which politician pushed mass 3rd world immigration, as well as the largest refugee quotas in history?

Simple Answer: The person CBC holds least responsible–boss-man, Justin Trudeau. Yet, when the negative “side effects” unleash havoc upon Canadian society, not a single media publication will hold Trudeau responsible.

Neat, isn’t it? Another curiousity– while communist China is wholly responsible for the Covid-19 outbreak, neither CTV, Globe & Mail, nor any other publication actually hold China responsible.

Why not? Why on earth would mainstream media take this approach to the Coronavirus debacle?

Simple, actually– because Canadian media work for China–that’s why. Just as they work on behalf of Trudeau and his nefarious porous-border agenda. Degree of exposure on the airwaves of CBC— nothing, not a single word.

Regarding Trudeau’s supposed “crackdown” on Canadian border penetration, there is one word which typifies the approach: “reluctance.”

Every move King Justin makes to close off Canadian open border society is handled with total reluctance. This Trudeau character is deadly serious about the degeneration of Canadian society.

It must happen. Asia must come to Canada. China must arrive, complete with their surgical masks and fancy luggage. CAP knows, because unlike most citizens, we get our clues from the street–not from CBC.

HIDDEN BY CBC: As Covid-19 RAGES, Justin Trudeau EXPANDS Visa Program From China, Iran

Fact is, as we speak Iranians and Chinese nationals are still moving to Canada in large numbers. CAP has spent the past several weeks uncovering Liberal government scheming in this regard.

Did you know?

In the midst of Corona-panic, Trudeau and pit-bull migration-pusher MP Ahmed Hussen introduced a program to fast-track student permit processing for Nigerians interested in studying at a university in Canada.

“The initiative, which is aimed at shortening the process for Nigerians from an average of eight weeks to 20 days, was to reach the country’s 85,800 Invitation To Study(ITS) targets.”

Bet you didn’t know–because media forgot to inform Canadians of the development. How about this one:

“The Canadian immigration department is working to accommodate visa applicants from China, Iran and South Korea as the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) causes service disruptions and travel restrictions.”

“Nationals of these three countries who have applied for a Canadian visa, but who are unable to comply with certain requirements due to circumstances beyond their control, will be given more time to complete the necessary steps, such as providing their fingerprints and photo.”

Let CAP get this straight–at a time of the greatest virus pandemic in modern history–one which originated in China, the Trudeau government have chosen to increase accommodation for Chinese Nationals.

At a time when Iran is the top Covid-19 infected nation next to China, Justin Trudeau figures this is an opportune time to further accommodate the government of Iran.

You see, this is the real and true Canada. What we are reading in the mainstream news is neo-socialist propaganda. Government today own media–and this pleases certain forces very much.

Take for example, something called “Open Border Foundation.” This “not-for-profit” organization is the brain-child of George Soros, billionaire banker, media mogul, abortion-monger, open-border advocate and mass migration controller.

Let CAP now put together yet another concept eschewed by National Post, Toronto Star and the rest of the puppet media: Justin Trudeau’s Open Border Canada is 100% aligned with George Soros’ Open Border Foundation.

Media say nothing. Now, please consider this line of thought…

What George Soros’ behemoth globalist agenda  advocates For Planet Earth:

Mass 3rd world migration, illegal refugee entry, abortion, LGBT including Transgenderism promotion. Anything else? Try massive national deficits to maximize interest payment profits.

What Justin Trudeau’s globalist agenda advocates for the Nation of Canada:

Mass 3rd world migration, illegal refugee entry, abortion, LGBT including Transgenderism promotion. Anything else? Try massive national deficits to maximize interest payment profits.

Hello, CBC? Cat got your tongue, Mr. John Ivison of the Globe & Mail? Why, these things are obvious as hell. Or they would be, if Trudeau had not been successful into trans-itioning media into a pseudo-communist entity.

Naturally, Mr. Trudeau cannot destroy freedom and democracy all by himself. A cultural assassin must have assistance. For this, Parliament is “stacked to the rafters.”

One number after Trudeau is Somalian half-citizen MP Ahmed Hussen, winner in the 3rd world controlled GTA district in urban Ontario. When CAP says this guy wants a dead Old Stock Canada, we are not joking around.

As it happened, Mr. Trudeau made the selection of Hussen as immigration minister of Canada. What did this ingrate refugee accomplish during his term as IM?

CAP will inform: For one thing, he drove the illegal refugee intake program from the USA to Canada. In the process, the relevance of Canadian citizenship took a dive. Winner, MP Hussen and his brethren peoples–the only folk this cretin actually cares about.

What else? Try the Rural Immigration Pilot Program. Positioned by government as a plan to fill “employment voids” in small town Canada, the real reason for the project is to replicate 3rd World political dominance in all ridings currently controlled by the federal Conservative Party.

HIDDEN BY MEDIA: 1000 Arrivals To Canada From China UNSCREENED At Major Canadian Airport

CAP Trivia Question Time: While Hussen was IM, how many times did he travel to Africa to meet with their despotic, Christian-hating governments? Try 24 times. All the while, this fellow pushed economic, cultural(of course) and migration ties to Canada.

Degree to which CBC made this information available for Canadians to comprehend? Nothing at all.

Result? While Canada crumbles from Coronavirus, Nigeria and other African nations are pouring into Canada. All Hussen, all the time, forever and a day.

There are others, of course: Commie-in-the-shadows, Liberal advisor Gerald Butts is one. Commie-in-the-shadows brother Alexandre Trudeau is another.

Speaking of the Trudeau family, CAP believe these people to be the original impetus for the destruction of democracy in Canada. Pierre Trudeau was the prototype globalist, and spawn Justin is here to finish what Papa Pierre began:

The end of Canada as a democratic nation, and its replacement with China-brand communism. Media say nothing as our country walks down a path to its pre-meditated destiny as a political clone of the Trudeau hero nations, China and Cuba.




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  1. It’s time Canadians took off their blinders and look, open their ears and listen to what is going on. When people are allowed to rape, pillage and disrespect our laws and not even get a slap on the wrist, it is time to stand up and say Enough is enough. If we all stand together as one we can put this imbecile out.

  2. This tyrannical government trips over itself trying to get people into our country that won’t pay their own way but for people like me who sponsor and therefore assume responsibility for individuals that want to work, speak the language, have skills that are in demand, this process is insanely expensive and arduous.
    This country is led by Marxist idealogues!


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