The Crucifixion Of Tamara Lich, Trudeau Government Style

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‘Ottawa Citizen, Sept.8th, 2023: Ottawa Convoy Trial Will Be Long And Slow — And That’s A Good Thing’

Frankly, so was the crucifixion on Calvary, but that was another time and place. No, CAP have not converted to evangelical Christianity. We will admit, however, that the allegorical element of the stigmata has crossed our mind regarding a trial now taking place in Canada.

“Remember that destroying public confidence in our shared institutions of justice and governance is exactly what these yahoos want to accomplish.”

Note to Self: those who push-back against the will of government are, ahem– “yahoos.” A biased pile of drivel this is, as conjured up by PM Justin Trudeau’s paid-off woke media configuration.

In 2023, ours is an “inverted” society. Those who work to advance the ambitions of China-– for example Liberal Environment Minister MP Steven Guilbeault— are lauded within pages of the press.

Conversely, “grass roots” activists sitting on the wrong side of the woke fence are under attack. One such individual is Tamara Lich, co-founder of the Truckers Convoy to Ottawa which took place in early 2022.

“It’s not uncommon in nasty sewers like X (formerly Twitter) to find convoy supporters mocking Ottawa residents who were traumatized by the occupation.”

Nasty, nasty sewers. It may be owned by a billionaire, but for mainstream media, Elon Musk is the wrong breed.  What shabby journalism– not that common sense Canadians should expect anything less.

Don’t get CAP wrong– for residents of Ottawa, the protest was a giant pain-in-the-you-know-what. Does it warrant being dragged through the politically correct mud. The only thing missing from the witch hunt is a wooden cross carried on the frame of Ms. Lich’s body.

Is Tamara Lich a pending Canadian Joan of Arc?  Moving to a fresh allegory, we consider the fate of the Maid of Orleans.

“Joan of Arc (c. 1412 – 30 May 1431) is a patron saint of France, honoured as a defender of the French nation for her role in the siege of Orleans during the Hundred Years’ War.”

“Claiming to be acting under divine guidance, she became a military leader who transcended gender roles and gained recognition as a saviour of France.”

They burned Joan at the stake, a fate that with any luck, will not befall tiny Tamara Lich.

To be certain, Ms. Lich is not a saint. Doubtful it is that she has been blessed with a mystical form of divine guidance. What she may qualify for, along with co-defendent Chris Barber, falls into the category of a great Canadian hero. As a result, she is to be “virtually crucified” by PM Trudeau’s paid-off legacy media entities.

Eight years of a Justin Trudeau government finds our society in a state of topsy-turvey. Old school Canadians have been transitioned to secondary social status. Refugees from backwater dives like Eritrea escape the full extent of the law. Criminal trials for dozens of refugee criminals are sublimated by media for the benefit of our Liberal government, and the madness they call immigration/refugee policy.

Turn around and act like a patriot, and stand witness as the woke fur starts to fly. With national self-hatred as a core component, government/media transition heroes into enemies, and traitors into heroes. It’s the globalist way, as infused with Marxist principles appropriated by the Trudeau government.

“There will be a day of reckoning and those responsible for damages will be held accountable. It will arrive slowly, and somewhat underwhelmingly. That’s the way our system works — and I’m OK with that.”

Brigitte Pellerin (they/them) is an Ottawa writer.

Listen up, Ms. They/Them. Cultural Action Party has a recommendation for you. Take your three selves, walk quietly to the nearest pier, and soak your head in perpetuity. Clear-thinking Canadians can spot your absurdist balony a mile away. What a smear job it is.

Joan of Arc was just 18 years old when she led an all-male army to fight her foes during the 100 Years War. Tamara Lich may have a few years on her, but as with the Christ example, certain parallels exist.

Persecuted by the authorities. Taken to court on a trumped-up charge. And perhaps most pertinent, set up as an example for the general public to witness. The purpose being obvious as hell.

“See what we, the authorities, will do to you if you get out-of-line? Bring together a grass-roots movement to defy the will of government, and you shall be dragged through the mud for all Canadians to witness.”

The Tamara Lich-Chris Barber trial fulfills this mission as schemed up by our Liberal government. Mocked, shamed, and dragged through the dirt are they.

As in days of old, it’s political crucifixion time in Canada.  PM Justin Trudeau, woke Liberal Pharisee, wouldn’t have it any other way.

3 thoughts on “The Crucifixion Of Tamara Lich, Trudeau Government Style”

  1. Altered quote to reveal the truth: “Remember that destroying public confidence in our shared institutions of justice and governance is exactly what these [Trudeau Liberals] want to accomplish.”

    “It’s not uncommon in nasty sewers like X (formerly Twitter) to find convoy supporters mocking Ottawa residents who were traumatized by the occupation.” Brigitte Pellerin; an opinion piece in the (Trudeau controlled) *Ottawa Citizen*. (Pellerin; can be likened to a member of the Sanhedrin; present during the mock trial of Jesus.)

    The cocaine (Blow/Nose Candy) fueled fantasy; as reported by the CBC: Bombs exploding everywhere; Ottawa residents running for their lives; children held in cages; fires raging through the night; women raped out in the open; cops fleeing for their lives; people forced to disrobe in -30 Celsius temperatures, and tied to lampposts. RCMP horses crippled under tiny; rolling marbles. Gunfire could be heard all night; every night–as the protesters shot into the frigid night air. (Also duly reported in the *Toronto Star*.)

    Hyperbole indeed; but only by degree.

  2. Does not matter who we choose, rich people who are clueless either way, just reversing last ones choices for billions. Broken needs fixing and they won’t do it. Think how it can be done. Change is answer but I don’t think any of our choices are good. All of them will not really help the average person.

  3. And let’s not forget our diversity strengthening Kalistan Sikhs destroying property, blowing up planes, defacing places of worship, inciting violence and murder, in Trudeaus ‘freedom of expression and peaceful protesting’ Canadian 3rd world sh*thole.


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