The 5 Most Damaging Political Decisions Made By Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau

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#1– Multicultural Policy

It could have been a very different story if not for one factor: an exclusion of Anglophone and Francophone Canadians from what Cultural Action Party of Canada refer to as the “multicultural banquet feast.”

Just under 50 years from the move–and not a single word within Canadian media on the fact that multiculturalism is an exclusive club— no Anglophone or Christian communities permitted. While this fact was not integral for the first 30 years of Pierre Trudeau’s “diversity” agenda, it darn well is in 2020–and well beyond.

Pourquoi? Because immigration policy will in time render Anglophone Canadians a minority community. Will these folks then be privy to the minority rights bestowed upon 3rd World Canada under the Multiculturalism Act of 1988?

CAP vote that this will never occur. The founder of Canadian multiculturalism is former three-time Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau.

#2– Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

In the year 1982, Pierre Trudeau intrenched the Charter of Rights and Freedoms within the Canadian constitution. The goal– ostensibly–  was to establish an “equal playing field” for all ethnic and religious communities within Canadian society. It never happened–but not for the reasons the CBC would have you believe.

It is not that the actual wording of the Charter is biased toward immigrants to Canada. Rather, it is its subsequent application. Once in the hands of the “multicultural” industry– by way of hundreds upon hundreds of Not-For Profit organizations– the Charter became a social weapon. Over the following decades, what can be seen as an attack upon “traditional” Canada unfolded.

One giant player in this is Canada’s LGBT Industry. As it transpired, the Charter became the power tool of the so-called “under-privileged.”  Human Rights Tribunals consolidated power as Canadian courts began to be flooded with cases of so-called persecution.

Not to say there was no legitimacy to any of this. The point is that programs such as the Pierre Trudeau government- established “Court Challenges Program” provided tax dollars for cases such as whether or not Sikh-Canadians had to take off their turbans due to a law demanding motorcycle riders wear helmets.

#3– The Immigration Points Program

In the year 1968, the Liberal government transferred immigration approval to a “points-based” system. This was at a time when Liberal Lester B. Pearson was handing party leadership to an up-and-coming Pierre Trudeau.

As with the Charter dynamic, there was nothing particularly malevolent regarding this change in policy. Once again, it was the application which has impacted society in a nation-changing manner. Previous to 1968, some 90% of immigrants to Canada were European in origin.

Thirty years later, some 90% of migrants were of 3rd world origin. Interesting to note how many times this situation has been articulated within establish media. For starters, try never. The result in the long term is an eventual transfer of Anglophone Canadians to a minority community.

#4– The National Energy Program

“The National Energy Program (NEP) was an energy policy of the Canadian federal government from 1980 to 1985.   The NEP was created under the Liberal government of Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. Established in 1980, the program was administered by the Department of Energy, Mines and Resources.” 
“The NEP proved to be a highly controversial policy initiative that pitted economic nationalism and federal aspirations against provincial jurisdiction with hundreds of billions of dollars in oil revenue at stake.”
The NEP was designed to promote oil self-sufficiency for Canada. It never happened.
A National Post  article stated that “the NEP was considered by Albertans to be among the most unfair federal policies ever implemented. Scholars calculated the program cost Alberta between $50 and $100 billion.”
Remember the time CTV positioned the development in this manner? Blink, and you missed it–because it never occurred. Moving to 2020, nor has the thought that the government of Justin Trudeau has all but decimated the Alberta Oil industry. Of course, some parties have benifited– beginning with the Oil and Energy in Saudi Arabia.
#5– The Beginning of Canada’s Deficit Industry
In this case, the statistics tell the story–like this:
Lester Pearson, Fiscal Debt Increase As PM: 19.6% 
Joe Clark, Debt Increase:  18.3% 
Brian Mulroney, Debt Increase: 67.7% 
Jean Chretien, Debt Increase: 1.2%
 Cultural Action Party do not claim to be economic experts. Our speciality is found in Liberal-Trudeau family politics, history, and the like.
Yet, one fact is irrefutable:  the son of Pierre Trudeau has placed federal deficit on a rocket-ship to the planet Uranus.  On a macro-level, what is the impact upon Canadian society?
The word CAP choose is “slavery.” As in, slavery to international banking, as well as the globalist Great Reset Agenda of 2020.
From Pierre Trudeau straight on through to Justin Trudeau–the most overlooked historical thread of all-time.  The globalist tag-team of Pierre & Justin Trudeau have damaged our nation–in particular English Canada– to an unimaginable extent. Throughout the entire development,  media have said a grand total of nothing on the subject.
— Brad Salzberg, Founder, Cultural Action Party(est. 2016)


10 thoughts on “The 5 Most Damaging Political Decisions Made By Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau”

  1. WE are all sick and tired of all this multiculturalism crap. It doesn’t work and is destroying our great way of life we had here in Canada. When you flood the country with 3rd world immigrants , so does our standards degrade to 3rd world standards. When is someone going to start the ball rolling on ending this crazy experiment that the Trudeau’s
    started . The Conservatives or the PPC’S need to do something to save this country, if it isn’t too late already. We had a great life here, why can’t it continue??
    I just don’t understand.

    • Mike: May 2, 2021: To no ones’ surprise; O’Toole seems to be carrying water for the Turdo Liberals. Throwing Derek Sloan to the wolves; shoving Pierre Poilievre aside.

      Shunning Rebel News. Giving the middle finger to the Conservative grassroots. Reneging on his empty promise to repeal the “carbon” tax. He’s useless; a lackey for the Globalists/NWO. Howdy Doody Scheer–O’Stoole.

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