Terry Glavin: Coping with China

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Black Monday, everyone seems to be calling it. Some economists are calling it a slow-motion global meltdown of 2008 proportions. Others are saying this week’s heart-stopping event in Chinese equity markets is merely an overdue and sudden deflation of bloated stock values. But Black Monday it is, in both camps, and in Canada the respectable question the event raises appears to be this one: which of the three main federal political parties is best suited to steer Canada though a volatile global economy?

Another question that should not go unconsidered is worth asking precisely because neither Prime Minister Stephen Harper, nor NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair, nor Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau, for their differing reasons, would want it asked too persistently. As impolite as it may be to put the question in these terms, it is about who should be trusted to keep Canada from the harm that the gluttonous Leninist kleptocracy in Beijing unavoidably causes us all.

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