Theresa Tam Threatens To Lock Down Provinces At “Moment’s Notice”

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Who is the most powerful politician in Canada? Most will respond with a logical answer– Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Who is in second place? It certainly isn’t Chief Public Health Officer, Dr. Teresa Tam. A bit of a trick question, indeed. For CAP’s money, Teresa Tam is the most powerful person in Canada next to Justin Trudeau.

The rub comes from an obvious fact: Teresa Tam is not a Canadian politician. Ms. Tam is not an elected official. No Canadian voted her into power, no Canadian approved of her lofty power position within Covid-saturated Canada.

Degree to which mainstream media allude to this reality? Zero percent is your answer.

How neatly these observations fit into CAP theory. We maintain that democracy is a dying breed under the communist-inspired rule of PM Justin Trudeau. When non-elected individuals become elevated to a position of power over all Canadians, one has to wonder what the future of society truly entails.

Fortunately for government, they have media in their pockets to avoid speculation on Canada’s future. Notice the manner in which establishment media deliver the news, but never predict the result of the news upon the future of our nation?

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“I think what my concern is that right now if we release some of these measures that a resurgence will occur,” said Tam. But that resurgence could be due to one of these variants, and then it will be much more difficult to control.”

Call CAP paranoid, but for our money this could have been scripted by the globalist pandemic evangelists we believe shape Canada’s political destiny.

This is a game of control–pure and simple. Simply shout out danger, disease, fear and debacle, and Canadians should scurry back to their homes to chew on their collective fingernails.

To think it was a mere six years ago that none of this existed in Canada. Being a bold predictor of the future, Cultural Action Party stated upon Justin Trudeau’s seizure of government that he would damage our nation in no uncertain terms.

As a result of the Covid pandemic, Mr. Trudeauhas placed a non-elected immigrant from China in control of 38 million citizens. In true media fashion, not one of them point out how this functions as an incremental step toward an ultimate Great Reset goal.

Dr. Tam is quoted as stating that “because we’re not yet screening every positive COVID-19 case for the variants, Canada doesn’t have a full picture of the Canadian presence of more contagious variants of the virus behind COVID-19.”

“You’ve got to put the brakes on quickly,” she said.

Indeed, Canada’s transition to a dictatorship looks more realistic with each passing moment.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(est. 2016)


27 thoughts on “Theresa Tam Threatens To Lock Down Provinces At “Moment’s Notice””

  1. Who does that twerp thinks she is making threats and acting like she is so frikken important?? If she keeps acting this way, she will incite a riot by the people!!!!!

  2. You will be the one to incite a riot, what is wrong with you???? The virus is extremely serious. We need to all work together, stop bashing everyone!!

    • If this so called “virus” is so deadly why has NO ONE ever been given a “sample” to work from? These are NOT vaccines. I called Pfizer and was told this:

      “The DNA template used does not come directly from an isolated virus from an infected person. The DNA template (SARS-Cov2, GEN BANK:MN9089473) was generated via a combination of gene synthesis and recombination DNA technology. ”

      This means that the Pfizer vaccine is really a gene therapy.
      I went to and found this:

      “Recognizing the broad potential of mRNA science, we set out to create an mRNA technology platform that function very much like an operating system in a computer. It is designed to that it can plyuug and play interchangeably with different programs. In our case, the program or ‘app’ is our mRNA drug — the unique mRNA sequence that codes for a problem.”

      To me that sounds like a malware virus that will rewrite or shut down the immune system. I will NOT BE TAKING any vaccine based on that so called science.

    • It is serious, just like the flu is serious for many people as well. BUT its actually less serious than the flu for those under 60 years old (ie more young people die from the flu than have died from COVID so far and from drug overdoses and suicides).

      Do you know that there are treatments being used in other countries but not Canada – why not? There are easy, accessible vitamins to take that will ensure it’s like a bad cold or nothing at all (even for those with severe co-morbidities and this has been confirmed in multiple studies completed across the world – but no one talks about it in the media – why not? (i.e. Vitamin D, C, and zinc). Answer these questions and then you may know why there are people not taking this as “serious’ as you feel it should be handled….

  3. This is NOT CHINA. You will push us REAL Canadians too far! You will NEVER take our guns away; we need them for protection. Your Communist friends won’t like how we treat them when they arrive. YOU are going to be looking out through bars one day soon …

  4. Come on, Canadians! Rise up!
    You’re far too passive.
    Ask yourselves why Justin Trudeau invited a large number of Chinese over to Canada for “military training.” Last time I saw a march of Chinese soldiers, they look excellently trained and certainly not in need of Justin Trudeau’s tutelage!
    Why does Justin Trudeau (and Joe Biden) say: “I admire the way the Chinese CONTROL their people.”
    And why is another large group of Chinese on the Mexican border?
    Send Tam back to where she belongs – in a totalitarian state!!!

  5. CAPtain, the Klingon is threatening all our enterprises! Should we arm our phasers and photon torpedo’s?

    Margaret Atwood wrote an interesting piece of fiction titled “The Handmaid’s Tale”. I’m not so sure it is fictional anymore.

    • If a Canadian wants to read the true story of Trudeau’s trans-formaton of Canada, read George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” and you will know.

  6. We need a riot to remove the these traitorous bastards from power. When do you think it’s enough ? After the internment camps are full of Canadians.


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