Tax-Payer “Piggy Bank”: Justin Trudeau Gave $2 BILLION To African/Islamic Nations In 2018

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Afghanistan— $254,208 million in 2018. Ethiopia— $198,145 million. Nigeria— $133, 186. So says data taken  from ‘Canadian International Development Platform.’

While CAP had to get out the trusty calculator to arrive at overall numbers, we found that a $2 billion giveaway to African/Islamic nations in 2018 is a reasonable estimate. To verify, click on the above link and take a look for yourself.

Welcome to the ‘Great Globalist Giveaway program of Justin Trudeau, advisor Gerald Butts, and African/Islamic Immigration Minister, MP Ahmed Hussen. Certainly Mr. Hussen is thrilled–boss-man Justin took 2 billion dollars out of the pockets of Canadian taxpayers and handed it to the nations Hussen treasures– Somalia, Nigeria, Chad, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria and dozens more.

Winner: Ahmed Hussen, Africa, Third World governments, United Nations, Iran, Nation of Islam, MP Iqra Khalid, Pakistan and others of this ilk.

Loser: Canadian tax-payers, Canadian workers, Canadian households, Canadian citizens.

Still want King Trudeau as prime minister? Yes, it is true– previous governments such as that of Conservative Stephen Harper also gave copious amounts of foreign aid to Third World nations.

Still, there is something unique about Justin Trudeau’s approach. While former PM’s gave money to the Third World, they did not work toward trans-forming Canada into a Third World nation. Big difference.

In fact, the difference is not as much financial as it is ideological. This is where PM Trudeau is unique as a national leader. He does more than treat our collective dollars like a “piggy bank” for the Middle East– he actually works to integrate the Middle East into Canadian society.

No media organizations will dare to point out a fundamental–and damaging–  approach that father rand son Trudeau share: shaping Canada into a personal vision(family vision) of what our society must be.

Example # 1: Pierre Trudeau’s unilateral cancellation of Canada’s bi-cultural English & French identity, and its subsequent replacement with anti-Anglophone multicultural policy.

No one asked for this. No public approval occurred– Papa Pierre just went ahead and forced it upon our nation. Long term implications: Anglophone trans-ition to a minority community within a generation.

Example # 2: Justin Trudeau’s unilateral cancellation of Canadian identity period. We are a “no core identity” post-modern nation. Number of Canadians who requested this declaration: ZERO.

Example # 3: Justin Trudeau entrenchment of fundamentalist Islam into Canadian society. Ah yes– the “progressives” in action. So much so that Trudeau turns a blind eye to Islamic Sharia Law practices in Canada. What are some of these practices? Try female genital mutilation–which happens to be illegal in Canada. Ditto for child marriage.

What is King Justin’s position on these illegal activities? Simple–he doesn’t have one. The reason as far as CAP is concerned is that it would cause less Muslim voters to click on the Trudeau name at the ballot box.

Add to this the power Trudeau handed to Islam within the Canadian government. Maryam Monsef as Minister of Status of Woman. Ms. Monsef is so dedicated to her religion that she refrains from exposing or preventing FGM. She prefers the teenage girls get physically assaulted rather than say a word against her faith.

Other power-players include rumoured ex- Muslim Brotherhood member, MP Omar Alghabra. After arranging a pre-election tour of Canadian mosques for boss-man Justin, our PM gave him the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs portfolio. Mr. Alghabra, a fully dedicated Islamic fundamentalist, is in charge of all foreign consulate offices world-wide.

MP Iqra Khalid is the founder of M103, the “anti-Islamophobia” motion passed by the Trudeau government. Khalid holds a Pakistani passport–she is only half- Canadian. Yet, she is 100% ethnocentric. The lady dedicated a park in Winnipeg, Manitoba to the founder of Pakistan. She elevated Islam to a status above all other religions by way of demanding the term Islamophobia was included in the motion. Somehow Christ-ophobia and Jew-ophobia did not make the cut– what a shock.

Justin Trudeau gave one of the most impactful Cabinet positions–that of immigration minister, to a Somalian Islamic refugee. MP Ahmed Hussen is another half-citizen–in truth, his heart belongs in sweet old Somalia— consistently named one of the most dangerous and corrupt nations on earth.

Ever hear Hussen say a negative word about Somalia? Never. As it happens, this back-wash of a nation has the highest rate of FGM on the planet. What does this religious supremacist have to say about corruption, poverty,  murder and crime in Somalia? Nothing at all- but he sure has a lot to say when accusing Anglophone Canada of being racist and bigoted.

This is Justin Trudeau’s ‘gift’ to Canada. What a disgrace he is. Last time CAP checked, Canada was not created for the purpose of handing billions to African and Islamic governments. But one must understand how those like Trudeau and Hussen have hi-jacked our nation.

Consider the following: A majority of Canadians do not want an increase in immigration quotas. Trudeau does it anyway. Majority do not want citizenship re-instated for terrorists. Hussen does it regardless. Canadians do not want open borders–Liberal MP Ralph Goodale does it anyway. Giant Deficits of Billions. Do a majority of citizens really want this? Bill Morneau does it regardless.

See a pattern here? CAP do. The Trudeau government have no respect for the Canadian people–particularly Old Stock Canada. Under King Justin, we have become an invisible community.

Beyond this, what form of governments tend to ignore the will of the people in all capacities. What style of government maintains the right to intervene in the private lives of citizens(LGBT, Transgender)? What form integrates media into government?

Communist governments–that’s who. Now are we recognizing a pattern? We darn well should be:

Justin Trudeau is trans-forming Canada away from its democratic foundation, and is presently morphing our country into a pseudo-totalitarian society where Islam will in time become a dominant social force.

A wise man once said “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s; and to God the things that are God’s.” 

CAP say “Iran takes care of Iranians, and Canada takes care of Canadians.”  No surprise Justin Trudeau doesn’t buy this theory– it was spoken by Jesus Christ.

The Nation of Canada: “From Great White North to Salvation Army Nation For Trudeau and Hussen’s Chosen Third World.” My, my-how Canada has changed. Who is most responsible for this change? The Trudeau Family.

In their arrogance, they believe they own the consciousness of our nation, and its peoples. As a tag-team of globalist decimation, the two of them set English Canada up for its ultimate demise. Not French Canada. Not Quebec. Not Islamic or Sikh or Transgendered Canadians.

No– Justin Trudeau, a former frisbee instructor, has made a decision that Anglophone and Christian Canadians are wholly expendable. That is, except for the tax dollars they take from us to throw at dozens of theocratic nations and their despotic rulers.

With a prime minister like Justin Trudeau, who needs enemies?









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    • Glenn Hall. I still shudder at the thought, that there are that many stupid voters out there in our eastern provinces, and right here in Ontario. Very suicidal move putting this Marxist loving moron any where near a positiin of power. I still think there was major election meddling , due to the fact most everyone I know said he is an incompitent idiot.


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