Door Opens For Tax-Payer Funded Sex Change Surgery In Canada, Media Bury Story

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One of the conflicts in accessing surgery covered by health plans is that the patient’s condition needs to be listed as an illness in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM–5)— colloquially referred to as the “bible of psychiatry.”

Psychologist Dr. Oren Amitay said that “any trans diagnosis, it’s MOSTLY POLITICS.  It’s mostly trying not to pathologize, trying to placate people’s concerns and feelings as OPPOSED TO SCIENCE.”

As it happens, the World Health Organization (WHO) will remove “gender identity disorder” from its global manual of diagnoses — a major win for transgender rights.

And a major loss for heterosexuals, traditional families, Christians and tax-paying Canadians. The blessing from the globalist behemoth World Health Organization opens the door for Canadian tax-payers to foot the bill for sex change surgery–with NO MINIMUM AGE for who can demand transgender hormone therapy.

Did you know? In the province of Saskatchewan, a “mother” of two adopted children had the private parts of both her “sons” removed. The children were ten and thirteen years of age at the time.

How does it feel to know that you as a tax-payer may be paying for this to take place? Has media informed the public of this covert development? No– as it would no longer be covert if they did so. Conclusion: a coordinated government/media/health industry COVER UP.

This is the true world of transgenderism in Canada. The realityis that parents are choosing to change the sex of children at a stage in life where children UNDERSTAND NOTHING about human sexuality. This, in CAP’s opinion is MORALLY REPREHENSIBLE

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Yet, it is Onward Transgender Soldiers. Media say nothing about the risks of hormone therapy, particularly regarding children. Nor do they expose the fact that the drugs are NOT APPROVED for sex change therapy. The rate of suicide is far higher for the transgendered. “Transgender Regret” is a surging element of the story which media refuse to expose.

Why the ubiquitous PROTECTION of the transgender industry? It is among the great mysteries of modern society. Why would health organizations, doctors, nurses,  hospitals, media, government and the medical industry ALL SUPPORT a sketchy, unscientific and immoral practice such as sex change for children? It makes NO SENSE.

Therefore, we can draw two conclusions. One, it is a component of a globalist agenda to DAMAGE western society. Two, Justin Trudeau is 100% on board with the agenda.

Margaret Wente, where are you? Christine Blatchford of the National Post–cat got your tongue? Chantal Hebert, leading CBC journalist, what say you?

Of course, the answer is NOTHING AT ALL. CAP call deception of society on this one. Leading feminist writers are sitting back while the transgender industry damage the physical and mental  health OF OUR CHILDREN.

If parents do not buy into their child’s desire to transition–get this– the state can enter your home and TAKE AWAY YOUR CHILD. How positively FASCIST!

This situation MUST be exposed for what it is: an open door for child abuse to occur within Canadian society. It must be stopped–and quickly.

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2 thoughts on “Door Opens For Tax-Payer Funded Sex Change Surgery In Canada, Media Bury Story”

  1. I am Liberal and gay however, I do not believe tax payers should fund any type of gender reassignment surgery. If you chose to change your sex or alter your body that’s on your dime. This nonbinary nonsense has gone too far. Tax payers are paying for nonbinary women to have their breasts removed because they are traumatized by them. What a load of rubbish. Justin T. has gone way to far way to fast before all the facts are known its time for a change. I don’t recall being asked if I wanted to fund elective medical procedures. I do believe some people are born in the wrong bodies, I really do, but if you want to take it a step further and have your dick cut off pay for it yourself don’t use my tax dollars.


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