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Syrian parents welcome newborn in Toronto, hope for ‘dignity and freedom’ for their 11 kids

Ali Hammoud and his wife Saadh already had ten children, but with the arrival of baby Azhar in January, the family now includes four girls and seven boys.

The new baby is believed to be one of the first children born to the 25,000 Syrian refugees who arrived under the current Liberal government.

Video Highlights: Hundreds Rally For Toronto To ‘Stop Bullying Christians’

LifeSiteNews reported on Saturday’s “Stop bullying Christians” rallyin Toronto where over 600 participants prayed, listened, waved signs, danced and sang hymns in Toronto’s Dundas Square before marching to City Hall to protest what they say is the city’s blatant discrimination against Christians.

Montreal, Toronto set to take bulk of first Syrian refugee wave

Documents obtained by Postmedia News show that as of Nov. 19, Citizenship and Immigration Canada had nearly 9,500 Syrian refugee applications in the queue. Of those, about 7,700 were applications from private sponsors such as families and church groups. The government had sponsored most of the other 1,800.