Why Justin Trudeau Is BUYING The Allegiance Of Socialist 3rd World Governments

How does this benefit Justin Trudeau? Simple as pie– these new citizens will accelerate his plans to CONTROL EVERY SEAT in Parliament. The ridings currently held by the Conservative opposition will be become NON-EXISTENT in due time.

Subsequent to this development, Canada will trans-ition into a ONE PARTY STATE, with a dictator-figure in charge. In other words, a political emulation of the structure of society in Cuba-– one of Justin’s preferred communist nation.

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Did Justin Trudeau Sell Off Canada’s Gold To Help FINANCE An Islamic Currency In Africa?

Equally as odd-ball was Trudeau’s decision to dump all holdings of gold soon after he slipped on his Canadian royal crown. Why did he do this–especially so early in the game.?Logic informs that this must have been a pre-meditated decision. It’s not as though this would be a spontaneous, off-the-cuff decision–even for the reckless, immature Justin Trudeau.

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