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Giant Revenue Increases For “BIG PHARMA” From Covid-19 Related Depression Medications

Big Pharma revenues, profits and share-holder value may be heading into the STRATOSPHERE due to Covid-19,and its social offshoots anxiety, depression and addiction.

Of Course “Covid-19 Queen” Dr.Teresa Tam Is PRO-CHINA She Works For Justin Trudeau

If Justin Trudeau—who selected China as a personally preferred nation— is in charge of selecting the individual to oversee Covid-19, this person BY DEFAULT will be sympathetic to communist China

Trudeau Government QUIETLY FUNDING Covid-19 Project In WUHAN, CHINA

Since when did Canada trans-ition to a nation “in-bed” with China? Simple–when Papa Pierre Trudeau began INTEGRATING the behemoth nation into the fabric of Canadian society in the 1970’s.

Founder, Ex-Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau.