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Trudeau Govt, Mainstream Media Seize CONTROL Of Federal Election Debates

An unprecedented partnership of news outlets will be responsible for producing two federal leaders’ election debates. Why is this unprecedented? For reasons omitted from the source article– because control of the debate has shifted from third party organizations to Justin Trudeau, his Cabinet and establishment media puppets being “influenced” by billions of dollars of funding.

Former PM Pierre Trudeau Advocated One-Party State, Communism For Canada

Like father, like son, the old adage goes. It’s rarely been truer than in the case of former prime minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau and son Justin.  Pierre was once asked for his views on democracy and communism, and stated that a ONE- PARTY STATE would be the ideal government under certain conditions. That should sound familiar.

Top Canadian Journalist Accuses Justin Trudeau Of Buying Canadian Media To Win Election

CBC and National Post columnist Andrew Coyne stated Justin Trudeau’s $600 million media bail-out will “irrevocably politicize the press” and urged journalists to boycott the panel. Surprising that Mr. Coyne, one of Canada’s pre-eminent journalists, would bite the hand that feeds him.

Social Media Giants Agree to Justin Trudeau’s Censorship Demands

Now, the Trudeau government will control content of facebook, twitter and other social media giants. It’s all part of the globalist game. Erode freedom and democracy within our nation for the purpose of trans-forming Canada into a pseudo-socialist society.