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Is English Canada Developing Nationalist Sentiments Of French-Canada?

‘The electorate is now MORE POLARIZED on cultural issues than it’s ever been in Canada. We’ll have to see where that goes,’ Eric Kaufmann said. In his book Whiteshift, political scientist Eric Kaufmann described Canada as a possible exception to the populist wave in the West, but in a recent interview with economist Tyler Cowen, Kaufmann said the precarious status quo is NOW UNDER THREAT.

Trudeau Government Define “Islamophobia,” Elevate Above Major Religions In Canada

The three-year strategy, unveiled in Toronto on Tuesday by Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez, fulfils key recommendations from a parliamentary committee study that arose from a controversial anti-Islamophobia motion, M-103, which concluded last year.

Trudeau Govt Deny Christian Bible Camps Funding, Approves For Muslim Organizations

The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms said it will seek to overturn the federal refusal to fund summer counsellors for the two Bible Centered Ministries camps in Cooks Brook, 70 kilometres northeast of Halifax, and near Omemee, Ont., west of Peterborough.