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Repeal Multiculturalism Act, END The Funding, Says Upstart Populist Canadian Party

Despite media presentation, Canadians are living in perhaps the most pivotal point in Canadian history. No surprise–CBC, Globe & Mail and the rest have taken a most banal approach to this social reality.

National Council Of Muslims Pushes Six Canadian Cities To Adopt “Islamophobia” Charter

When Justin Trudeau unilaterally blessed Canada with its “no core identity” mantra, he omitted what would naturally develop as a result: the surge of special interest groups attempting the fill the void with an ethnocentric-oriented POWER GRAB.

Corruption, Racism Accusations: Trudeau Gives $100 Million To Islamic Non-Profit

When initially restoring funding to UNRWA, then-minister of International Development, Liberal MP Marie-Claude Bibeau, made special mention of the fact that part of Canada’s funding would be allocated to “social media training.”  What was needed was not training but for someone to hold Krähenbühl, and UNRWA generally, accountable. 

Council of Canadian Muslims DEMAND Conservative-Christian MP Candidate Resign

Nadia Hasan, acting executive director of the council, said Saturday that Ghada Melek’s alleged comments on Islam and the LGBTQ2 community show she “wouldn’t know how to serve” all citizens in the very diverse riding of Mississauga-Streetsville.

MP Advances “Palestinian Heritage Day” Designation In Canada

“We recognize the SIGNIFICANT contributions that Palestinian Canadians have made to the Canadian society, and the importance of education; and we reflect on the contributions of the Palestinian culture. We, the undersigned, residents of Canada, call upon the Government of Canada to name November 29, EVERY YEAR, Palestinian Heritage Day.

Canadian Doctors Association Works To REDUCE Anglophone Applicants

The Canadian Medical Industry has decided to get into the racial oppression business and prevent certain candidates from medical school admission based upon factors such as a citizen’s racial profile. If they are WHITE, they are impeded from acceptance. How racist of them.

Is Justin Trudeau Running a Third World “Neo-Colonialism” Agenda In Canada?

Mr. Trudeau is unique in his animosity toward the founding of our nation, particularly the colonial element of the equation. Throughout his four-year tenure, our PM has attacked our history, branded our nation and its peoples racist, labelled modern-day Canadians “Islamophobic,” and branded early European settlers and contemporary Canadians “genocidal.”

Third World Journalist Brands Anglophone Canada “Racist, Genocidal”

“Our legacy of favouring white immigration while opposing or restricting immigration from places unlikely to create “ideal Canadians.’’ This legacy continues to this day with 37 per cent of Canadians — enough to elect a majority government — saying that immigration is a THREAT to white Canadians.

Is Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen Canada’s “Ilhan Omar?”

In just six months,Democratic Senator Ilhan Omar has gone from freshman congresswoman to national lightning rod. It’s the kind of rapid ascent that characterized her career even before she arrived in Washington last January as one of only two Muslim-American women to ever serve in Congress.