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Council of Canadian Muslims DEMAND Conservative-Christian MP Candidate Resign

Nadia Hasan, acting executive director of the council, said Saturday that Ghada Melek’s alleged comments on Islam and the LGBTQ2 community show she “wouldn’t know how to serve” all citizens in the very diverse riding of Mississauga-Streetsville.

MP Ahmed Hussen Brands Non-Liberals White Supremacist, Islamophobic

Hussen hails from the back wash of Somalia. In this Third World nation, there is NO multiculturalism– 99% of citizens are Muslim. Also, there is no Christianity. Female Genital Mutilation is rampant. This country often finds itself on list of the ten most dangerous nations on earth.

Is Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen Canada’s “Ilhan Omar?”

In just six months,Democratic Senator Ilhan Omar has gone from freshman congresswoman to national lightning rod. It’s the kind of rapid ascent that characterized her career even before she arrived in Washington last January as one of only two Muslim-American women to ever serve in Congress.