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Trudeau Govt Prepare To Import ISIS Terrorists From Turkey

The RCMP has been exploring options for bringing the roughly 30 Canadians held by the Syrian Democratic Forces back to Canada. Turkey is considered the preferred route. The Liberal government has said it would be difficult to get the Canadians out of Syria because they could be arrested and charged by authorities in neighbouring Turkey and Iraq.

Justin Trudeau Refuses To Protect Canadian Borders From Illegal Migrant Entry

“Starting immediately, Canada will remove the tight time-frame for their claims to be heard and let them appeal possible rejections, as well as grant them the right to work immediately and receive health care — benefits previously bestowed only on asylum seekers fleeing from war-torn countries and corrupt regimes.” Who says it was controversial? Last … Continue reading Justin Trudeau Refuses To Protect Canadian Borders From Illegal Migrant Entry

Montreal, Toronto set to take bulk of first Syrian refugee wave

Documents obtained by Postmedia News show that as of Nov. 19, Citizenship and Immigration Canada had nearly 9,500 Syrian refugee applications in the queue. Of those, about 7,700 were applications from private sponsors such as families and church groups. The government had sponsored most of the other 1,800.

Video: 5 Things the Media Won’t Report About the Refugee Crisis


“The entire narrative that major western media outlets have crafted around the migrant crisis is a complete fraud.”

“Of those claiming to be Syrian, 90% do not have documentation to prove it”

“U.N. figures show that 72% of the refugees are men.”

Five minute video