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Canadian Premier REDUCES Immigration By 25%, Pushes For European Migrants

According to an August report from the Canadian Institute of Identities and Migration (CIIM), Quebec Premier Francois Legault has not only fulfilled his campaign promise of reducing total immigration in his country by 20% but has actually EXCEEDED this reduction by between 4-5%.

Does Justin Trudeau Really Work On Behalf Of English Canada?

It certainly appears he does not. Bombadier, SNC- Lavalin, Davie Shipyards–all located in Quebec, all preferred Trudeau corporations. So much so our Liberal government ended up  being implicated for a series cover-ups, abuses of power and flagrant nepotism.

Riding the Trudeau wave, Quebec is back again

This re-engagement positions Quebecers to play a far stronger role in Parliament as part of a ruling party headed by one of their own. On Monday Trudeau’s Liberals took 40 of Quebec’s 78 federal seats, easily trumping the Bloc’s 10, two short of official party status. And the Liberals took 35.7 per cent of the popular vote, to the Bloc’s dismal 19.3 per cent. It was the best Liberal showing in Quebec since Pierre Trudeau won the 1980 election, 35 years ago.

Canada Election 2015: Leaders Focus On Quebec As Final Weekend Looms

OTTAWA — All three major party leaders will campaign in Quebec today, targeting ridings in a key battleground that helped turn the tide for the NDP in 2011. An orange wave swept that province in the last election, giving the New Democrats 59 seats and helping elevate them to Official Opposition status for the first … Continue reading Canada Election 2015: Leaders Focus On Quebec As Final Weekend Looms