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Will Canada Survive Its WORST EPIDEMIC?: The Justin Trudeau Virus

Stop the immigration intake–even TEMPORARILY– in order to minimize the spread of Covid-19 in Canada. Why, who knows? This could even PREVENT some folks from dying from China’s deadly disease.

70% Of Canadians Feel Justin Trudeau’s Canada Is A BROKEN NATION

A Trudeau prime minister is by-default a CANADA-HATING prime minister. It was this way with Papa Pierre Trudeau, and under spawn Justin, the situation is infinitely MORE EXTREME.

Socialism Pending: Trudeau Minority Government MORE POWERFUL Than Majority Government

The Conservative Party of Canada versus…The Liberals, United Nations, China, Islam, Sikhism, Africa, American environmentalism and international banking(George Soros).

This, in CAP’s humble opinion, is why Canada is FINISHED as a democratic nation.

Trudeau Government Replicates Media Control Tactics Of COMMUNIST CHINA

Our society is no longer free and democratic as intended by the founders of our nation in 1867.

Justin Trudeau has brought communism to Canada, and for every day he remains leader of our nation,  freedom and democracy will be chewed away at like a beaver chewing upon a log.

Globalist Agenda, Phase 2: Trudeau Creates SOCIAL CHAOS In Canada

What a set-up. Justin Trudeau is here to fulfill what Papa Pierre began–a steady covert, incremental dissolution of English Canada and its Anglophone communities.

Why Justin Trudeau STANDS BACK While Canada Descends Into Social Chaos

Canada–you are in massive trouble.  More specifically, Anglophone Canada is in trouble. Fact is, our people have a prime minister who hates English Canada, and a media who support every ideological concept related this grim reality.

4000 Christians MURDERED In Burkina Faso, Trudeau Provides $63 Million Per Year

Such is the state-of-social-affairs in Canada under pseudo-dictator, Justin Trudeau. Such is the state of the cover-up of Canada’s complicity in Christian mass murder within the Liberal Party of Canada.

Justin Trudeau “Most DANGEROUS MAN In Canadian Political History”– Campaign Life Coalition

Slowly, steadily and INCREMENTALLY, our freedoms are being taken away from our citizenship. Media play a fundamental role as Canada quietly transitions from democracy to dictatorship.