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Underplayed In Media: U.K. Government TO BAN Sex Change Surgery For British Youth

Will CBC, Globe & Mail report on the soon-to-be BANNING of Transgender Surgery for Canadian youth? Or has Liberal Minister For Status Of Women,GTA MP Maryam Monsef, recommended media SILENCE in this regard?

Gender Transition Poses ‘IRREVERSIBLE Damage’ To Children, Says Top Psychiatrist

“A prominent UK psychiatrist is speaking out against subjecting gender-confused children to “transition” treatment, warning that debate is being “shut down” about practices that could subject children to “serious and IRREVERSIBLE damage.”

Nine Sent To Hospital As “Straight Pride” Parade Branded Racist, Homophobic

“I’m outraged by the idea that straight people need a pride parade,” said parade watcher Shoshanna Ehrlich, who came with her daughter. “We are not an oppressed majority by an stretch of the imagination. This is full of hate and offensive.”

Is Justin Trudeau FEMINIZING The Male Species In Canada?

Not including the $30 MILLION budget dedicated to protecting and advocating for foreign-born LGBTQ2+ individuals, the 2019 federal budget reveals that at least $20 MILLION has been invested for the purposes of supporting capacity-building and community-level work of LGBTQ2+ organizations across the country.

Justin Trudeau Pushes “No Limits” Transgenderism At Pride Parade

“Unfortunately the LGBT community, particularly the trans community, have suffered tremendous discrimination that continues today, and I think it’s important the Pride community has the right to invite and include organizations it feels are allies,” Trudeau said.

Justin Trudeau Pledges $30 Million To Promote LGBT In Third World Nations

CAP are consistently perplexed regarding Trudeau’s paradoxical relationship with the LGBT community, and the Nation of Islam. Justin backs BOTH communities to the max–just like boss-man George Soros and his “Open Society Foundation.”

Trudeau Govt Promote Transgenderism With “Gay Tourism” Funding

The Liberals have designated promoting homosexual and transgender events as one of the five “pillars” of the CEF. They gave $100,000 to Fierté Canada Pride to help LGBTQ groups across Canada access the CEF to pay for local Pride events, according to ministry spokesperson Jeremy Ghio. The Liberal move will benefit all Canadians, Fierté Canada Pride tweeted.