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Poll: 90% Of Canadians OPPOSE Justin Trudeau’s Internet Censorship Program

Canada’s  elitist Liberal government feel that they should have the power to decide what is and isn’t ‘real’ or ‘fake’ news, and are even threatening to shut down social media networks in advance of the election if the networks don’t do the partisan bidding of the government.

Islam is incompatible with UK values say 56% of Brits – New Poll

Ahmadi Muslims are a maligned group in some quarters. In March, a Scottish-Ahmadi shopkeeper was stabbed to death in Glasgow in front of eyewitnesses. The brutal attack on Asad Shah, a popular local figure, took place hours after he wrote a heartfelt Easter message of peace and tolerance to Christians.

81% of Germans say refugee crisis ‘out of control’ under Merkel govt – poll

Voter support for Merkel’s government dropped from 57 percent in July 2015 to 38 percent on February 2016“the worst estimate during the current government’s term,”the pollster said. Germany’s right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) which advocates an anti-immigrant agenda became the third most influential party.

How anti-Muslim are Americans? Data points to extent of Islamophobia

Who exactly was Donald Trump appealing to when he called on Monday for a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States”?

Quite a few people, according to a YouGov poll conducted earlier this year which found that 55% of surveyed Americans had an “unfavorable” opinion of Islam.