Can Justin Trudeau Win DESPITE Breach Of “Conflict Of Interest” Finding?

Ethics Commissioner Mario Dion has found that after taking months to review “troubling” evidence relevant legal and constitutional principles, Trudeau contravened section nine of the Act, which states that public office holders are PROHIBITED from using their position to seek to influence a decision that furthers the interest of a private third party. Read more

MP Advances “Palestinian Heritage Day” Designation In Canada

“We recognize the SIGNIFICANT contributions that Palestinian Canadians have made to the Canadian society, and the importance of education; and we reflect on the contributions of the Palestinian culture. We, the undersigned, residents of Canada, call upon the Government of Canada to name November 29, EVERY YEAR, Palestinian Heritage Day. Read more

“Repeal The Multicultural Act Of Canada” Says Federal Party Leader– And Canadians AGREE

“The Canadian Multiculturalism Act is in many senses an ILL-CONSIDERED document, focused so squarely on today that it ignores tomorrow.” So said Trinidad-born Neil Bissoondath 25 years ago in his bestselling book Selling Illusions; a stinging critique of Canada’s misguided experiment with official multiculturalism. The statement’s even MORE RELEVANT today. Read more