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Is Canada A Liberal “One Party State” But Canadians Just DON’T KNOW IT YET?

Within Canada’s growing nationalist and patriot movements,m there has been discussion of late as to the concept of Canada morphing into a “one-party state” by way of the Trudeau-led Liberal Globalist Party of Canada.

Perhaps a better term would be the “Liberal-Third World Party of Canada”

Is Justin Trudeau Importing 3rd World Migrants In Order To Win EVERY SEAT In Parliament?

If Liberals own 308 out of 338 seats in Parliament, the entire democratic structure of government becomes a “moot” point. Why spend millions on elections? Why bother with DEMOCRACY AT ALL?

Justin Trudeau Sent $400 Million To World’s FASTEST GROWING Economies in 2018

Report on the world’s fastest growing economies:

Ethiopia is the second most populous country in Africa and is a one-party state with a planned economy. Trudeau Tax-payer fund transfer to Ethiopia in 2018: $198 MILLION DOLLARS.