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Trump makes Canada look good on refugees: McCallum

“The contrast between Justin Trudeau personally welcoming refugees from the first flight versus the statements of Donald Trump could not be more stark,” McCallum said in response to a question. “And I think one reason why our attitude on refugees has been so picked up around the world is this sharp contrast.”

McCallum did add that the Obama administration is “strongly supportive” of Canada’s efforts to resettle 25,000 Syrian refugees by the end of February.

Obama is hurting Muslims by refusing to target ‘radical Islam’

“Our country is hurting. After the Paris attacks and then the San Bernardino shootings, people are clearly overcome with fear.  And because President Obama and his administration are so focused on political correctness and refuse to be clear about who the enemy is, the opposite of their intentions is happening”

A Dozen Refugees in U.S. Connected to Terrorism Just This Year

The battle over Syrian refugees is raging on as the White House doubles down on their policy to bring 10,000 refugees from terror hot spots to U.S. soil over the coming months. But a new report from Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions details 12 alarming instances of refugees being connected to terrorism just this year.