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Justin Trudeau’s Agenda For Third World Control Of Canada

Anyone who follows Cultural Action Party Of Canada’s writings would conclude our organization despises Justin Trudeau. We will, however, give this fraudulent PM credit for one thing: being FUTURE-oriented. How does Justin Trudeau see the future for the Liberal Party, as well as the destiny of our nation in general?

Justin Trudeau Using “Ethnicity, Religion, Tribalism” To Win Canadian Federal Election

According to Mr. Fatah, a “slow and steady ghettoization of Canada’s urban political scene is gathering pace. Ethnicity, religion and tribalism is being promoted as a tool in the upcoming October elections, instead of debating competing visions about Canada’s future.”

Why Anglophone Canada Is Excluded From Justin Trudeau’s Multicultural “Banquet Feast”

Within Canadian society, multiculturalism and diversity function as a societal cornerstone. It is interesting to note, however, the degree of general public input regarding this transformative ideology. There has been none.

Somalian-Canadian MP Ahmed Hussen Pushes For Refugee Intake Increases DESPITE Public Backlash

Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen says he would like to see Canada welcome more refugees than it currently accepts and believes more of them should be able to enter through economic immigration programs.

63% Of Canadians Do Not Want Increase In Immigration, Trudeau Ups Quota From 310,000 To 340,000 Annually

A Leger Poll issued by the Canadian Press recently reveal that nearly two-thirds of Canadian citizens want to LIMIT the number of new immigrants to Canada.
Justin Trudeau’s policy regarding immigration intake explicitly states that federal immigration quotas will RISE from 310,000 to 340,000 annually by the year 2020.

Unprecedented Blow To Justin Trudeau’s Globalist Agenda Occurs In Canada

The Quebec government has passed a controversial immigration reform bill which will scrap thousands of ongoing applications to live and work in the province. Bill 9 was voted into law by the ruling Coalition Avenir Quebec party after a marathon 19-hour session in the National Assembly in the early hours of Sunday June 16.

MP Ahmed Hussen Replicates Urban Demographic Agenda Within Rural Canada

The federal government has picked 11 communities from across Canada to kick off a new pilot program aimed at attracting immigrants to rural and northern communities. The goal of the program is to bring newcomers to regions confronting severe labour shortages due to a youth exodus, declining birth rate and aging population.