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Trudeau Govt, Mainstream Media Seize CONTROL Of Federal Election Debates

An unprecedented partnership of news outlets will be responsible for producing two federal leaders’ election debates. Why is this unprecedented? For reasons omitted from the source article– because control of the debate has shifted from third party organizations to Justin Trudeau, his Cabinet and establishment media puppets being “influenced” by billions of dollars of funding.

Canadians Lose Trust As Establishment Media PLUMMET In Market Share

The numbers tell the story, and it’s not a happy one. At the Star, “revenue (has) continued to decline sharply year-over-year — especially in terms of sales of print advertising space to national accounts.” The source? None other than the Star itself.

Justin Trudeau To Provide $115,000 Per Week To Liberal-Globalist Publication Toronto Star

According to a report by Blacklock’s Reporter, the Toronto Star is set to receive $115,385 PER WEEK from the Trudeau media bailout. The WHOPPING SUM is based on the Toronto Star’s own estimates, according to Blacklock’s.

Trudeau Govt Create BLACKLIST Of Non-Liberal Journalists In Canada

In the ever-increasing draconian world of Justin Trudeau and his Liberal-Globalist posse, government has created a list of non-approved journalists, as well as a list of those who are approved by the Liberals. According to Conservative journalist Spencer Fernando, Blacklock’s Reporter has found that the Canada Infrastructure Bank – which was created by the Trudeau … Continue reading Trudeau Govt Create BLACKLIST Of Non-Liberal Journalists In Canada

Trudeau Govt Create Team To MONITOR “Anti-Immigrant” Sentiment In Canada

A recent news article spoke of Trudeau’s attempt to manipulate and control the statements of a former ambassador to China, David Mulroney. Canadian lives are on the line in China as Trudeau’s government  imitates the regime in Beijing by trying to silence critics.

Justin Trudeau Sits Idle As Britain, Australia BAN Returning Islamic State Terrorists

Australia is poised to BAR ITS CITIZENS who have fought for an Islamic militant group from returning home for up to two years.  It is based on similar legislation introduced in the United  Kingdom. The bill targets 230 Australians who travelled to Syria and  Iraq to fight for Islamic State.

Are Justin Trudeau’s “Media Bail-Outs” An Incremental Step Toward Communism?

Earlier this week there was an update after the Journalism and Written Media Independent Panel of Experts the group tasked with deciding who gets access to the Trudeau government’s media bailout published their final report.