Why Justin Trudeau Is BETTER SUITED For Leader Of China Than Canada

Oh yes– Justin Trudeau can feign concern for the “common man”— as long as they are NOT Old Stock Canadians, Anglophones, Christians or Conservatives.

Justin is, however, extremely happy to UTILIZE these communities tax dollars to transform Canada into an entity no Canadian ever ASKED FOR.

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Trudeau’s “Open Door Policy” Brings Coronavirus, Gets BEST POLL RESULTS Since 2017

Strange how the individual most responsible for OPEN BORDER CANADA–and therefore the spread of Coronavirus, PM Justin Trudeau, has GAINED popularity based upon his work to “resolve” Coronavirus in Canada. Read more

Trump SUSPENDS Immigration To USA While Trudeau Sets HIGHEST QUOTAS In History

How the people of Canada—in particular Old Stock Canada, Anglophones, Conservatives, Seniors, Military, Veterans, Albertans– are being treated LIKE TRASH by Justin Trudeau, CBC and the rest of the Liberal-3rd World-Globalist social engineers. Read more

Can Justin Trudeau Rule Canada Without Communist China RULING JUSTIN TRUDEAU?

China is communist. This nation is hugely invested in oppression toward their minority communities. Christian, Muslims and other religious folk are maligned, scorned and persecuted on a MASS SCALE.

Justin Trudeau says NOT A WORD about it. Read more