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Justin Trudeau Establishes $8.2 Billion Dollar CARBON TAX-GRAB For 2022

“On Tuesday, the Parliamentary Budget Officer said the Canadian government could expect to collect C$2.81 BILLION in direct revenues in 2019-20 from its current C$20 per tonne price on carbon.”

“Direct revenues, it noted, would rise to C$8.27 BILLION in 2022-23, with the carbon price increasing to C$50 per tonne.”

Why Justin Trudeau Is BUYING The Allegiance Of Socialist 3rd World Governments

How does this benefit Justin Trudeau? Simple as pie– these new citizens will accelerate his plans to CONTROL EVERY SEAT in Parliament. The ridings currently held by the Conservative opposition will be become NON-EXISTENT in due time.

Subsequent to this development, Canada will trans-ition into a ONE PARTY STATE, with a dictator-figure in charge. In other words, a political emulation of the structure of society in Cuba-– one of Justin’s preferred communist nation.

Hidden By Media: “Trudeauvirus” Transitioning Canada Into A DICTATORSHIP

In other words, Trump bans African migrants, and immediately Trudeau flies to Africa to set up a migration stream to Canada. You see, this is the kind of person he is. There is nothing on earth which prevents Trudeau from whoring out Canada to the highest bidder.

Iranian-Canadian Activist Brands Justin Trudeau A “WESTERN WORLD DICTATOR”

“As a Canadian citizen who was born in Iran and watched my country come under Islamist SHARIA-RUN State of the Ayatollah Khomeini, it is not hard to SPOT A TYRANT.

Trudeau Government Attempt COMMUNIST-STYLE Canadian Media Crackdown

From Cultural Action Party of Canada’s point-of-view, it was inevitable that Justin Trudeau would emulate COMMUNIST-STYLE media control in Canada. In fact, it was only a matter of time.

Justin Trudeau’s Foreign Aid Billions To Middle East FUNDS TERRORISM: Report

When government own media in a “communist” fashion, giant cover-ups of this nature occur repeatedly. This is the exact state-of-affairs our nation finds itself in  under the pseudo-communist government of King Justin Trudeau of Canada.

Are Media Hiding Trudeau’s Agenda To FLOOD CANADA With Africans?

This event will serve as a catalyst for Justin Trudeau’s next wave of assault upon traditional Canadian society. His purpose in meeting with African leaders is to advance his agenda to fill our nation with enough Third World Liberal voters to win EVERY SEAT in Parliament.

CBC, Islamic Activists Brand CANADA RACIST On World Hijab Day

Canada’s anti-racism measures–including the Islamic-skewed M103 motion, are not good enough. Fact, or non-fact: these types are 100% insatiable. Nothing is good enough, more must be done, and btw…Canada is a racist, bigoted and Islamo-phobic nation.

RCMP, Media DENY Canadian Connection For Source Of Coronavirus

Dr Xiangguo Qiu, who helped develop a treatment for the Ebola virus, her husband Keding Cheng, a biologist who has published papers on coronavirus strains such as SARS-CoV, had their SECURITY ACCESS REVOKED for Canada’s only level-4 lab, a facility equipped for research on the DEADLIEST DISEASES.

Trudeau Government Employing Totalitarian MEDIA CONTROL Measures

Such is state-of-the-nation as the Trudeau government continue to utilize establishment media to fool, trick and deceive the people of Canada into believing we are living under something other than an ersatz totalitarian government.