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MAJORITY Believe Racism In Canada “Far More Extreme” Under Justin Trudeau

Let Canadian patriots undertand this in no-uncertain terms: the very OPPOSITE has resulted from Justin Trudeau’s promises to our nation. “Diversity”  is NOT our strength. Under King Justin, racism, bigotry and xenophobia are eating away at the VERY SOUL OF CANADIAN SOCIETY.

Buried By Media: 50% REDUCTION In Immigration To Canada Predicted For 2020

Why would media BURY this development? How is it that a potential of a 50% REDUCTION IN IMMIGRATION IN-TAKE is not front-and centre within the consciousness of 37.8 million Canadian citizens?

“Liberal Govt STANDS WITH YOU”– Chrystia Freeland To Global Islamic Cooperation Council

“It is a great honour for me to join you at this 45th session of the Council of Foreign Ministers of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.

Friends of the Muslim faith: our government, and OUR COUNTRY STAND WITH YOU.”

Dying Democracy: Majority Want Immigration Quotas REDUCED, Trudeau Increases by 30%

63%–nearly two-thirds of Canadians– of respondents to a recent Leger poll said the government should prioritize limiting immigration levels.

CTV, Canadian Media Argue AGAINST Democratic Process for Western Separatist Movement

The times they are a’ changin. In fact, they changed on October 19th, 2015–the day that Justin Trudeau placed the “crown of Canada” upon his head. Check out what one of Canada’s most prominent establishment media has to say: “Recent research suggests that 57 per cent– a majority of Canadians— think that referendums are a … Continue reading CTV, Canadian Media Argue AGAINST Democratic Process for Western Separatist Movement

Majority Say Canada ‘MORE DIVIDED Than Ever” With Justin Trudeau As Prime Minister

“Canada is a post-modern nation with no core identity.”  Thus proclaimed a freshly-minted  Justin Trudeau soon after capturing the crown of Canada in 2015.

Poll: 90% Say Justin Trudeau Must RESIGN Due To Breach Of Canadian Law

If the Liberal party chooses to offer up Trudeau for a second term as its leader during this fall’s federal election, it DESERVES defeat. At its heart, the matter is about character. Trudeau tried to meddle in Canada’s justice system to achieve a positive outcome for Quebec-based engineering firm SNC-Lavalin.