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Petition–Stop The Canadian Government From Scrapping Language Requirements For Immigration

The current Liberal government are planing to scrap an official language proficiency requirement the Tories enacted in 2014. Multiple government studies prove proficiency in our official languages of English and French are vital to a productive life as a migrant to Canada.



Immigration Minister John McCallum says the government will be “producing radical changes” to the Citizenship Act in the next few weeks. Liberals have been telling him that the government should eliminate the language requirement for new immigrants to apply for Canadian citizenship, which was brought in by the Conservatives in 2014 as part of the controversial Bill C-24.

Petition: Stop The Cultural Imposition- Say No To Foreign Language Signage In Vancouver, BC, Canada

At present, not a single law or piece of legislation exists to protect and preserve Canadian identity within these districts. Please sign our petition to put a stop to the cultural imposition resulting from an overabundance of non-official language public signage within our local communities.

Translate Australian road signs to lure Chinese travellers, says tourism minister

The federal tourism minister, Richard Colbeck, has proposed translating road signs into Mandarin in an effort to capture more of the lucrative Chinese tourism market.

“With close to a million visitors from China coming to Australia, injecting $7.7bn into the economy annually and growing, we must do whatever we can to ensure they enjoy their experience and want to return,” he said.

Tibetans Fight to Salvage Fading Culture in China

China has sharply scaled back, and restricted, the teaching of languages spoken by ethnic minorities in its vast western regions in recent years, promoting instruction in Chinese instead as part of a broad push to encourage the assimilation of Tibetans, Uighurs and other ethnic minorities into the dominant ethnic Han culture.