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North America’s Largest Halal Conference To Be Held In Toronto, Canada

“The event will reflect the focus on the fast-growing halal industry in North America and raise the standards of the Halal products and services. Having HEC 2019 in Mississauga, Canada, provides a unique opportunity for industry leaders and global policymakers to meet and discuss the Halal business and its current and future challenges.”

IMAM Claims Trudeau Govt Advocate Sharia Law, Denies When It Goes “Viral”

“The Canadian government wanted the Muslims to be able to regulate their own issues of marriage and divorce and set up systems of mediation and arbitration to solve their problems amongst themselves through Shariah law so that it’s not a burden on the court system, which is already so bogged down,” he said.

MuslimLink Canada Reports Our Nation Is Built On “Violent Colonization, Genocide, Slave Labour”

In an interview with MuslimLink Canada, Qureshi states that “Canada is a country built on violent colonization, genocide and slave labour. Its governance was designed by, and for, white men with the specific intention of keeping racialized groups, as well as women, out of the policy-making process.

Justin Trudeau Unrolls New “Islamophobia” Agenda, Cracks Down On Freedom Of Speech

The three-year strategy, unveiled in Toronto on Tuesday by Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez, fulfils key recommendations from a parliamentary committee study that arose from a controversial anti-Islamophobia motion, M-103, which concluded last year.

Establishment Media In Canada DENY Justin Trudeau’s Islamic Conversion

While validation of Trudeau’s conversion remains elusive, it is entirely factual that since the day Justin Trudeau became PM, he has consistently supported, funded and indemnified the Islamic faith within our borders. NOT SO for the Christian faith-or any other major religion in Canada.

Justin Trudeau Funds Islamic Non-Profit Group FINED AND SUSPENDED By Charity Regulators

Unsurprisingly, the Liberals targeted Canadian Christians and Conservatives, denying funding to groups doing good work unless they signed up for their anti-Christian, abortion-pushing ideological propaganda.

Is Justin Trudeau Placing Islamic Sharia Law ABOVE Canadian Law?

According to Global Citizen, Canadian girls are being taken out of the country to have it performed.  The subject of FGM in Canada was thrown into the spotlight in the summer of 2017, when news broke about a 2016 study authored by anti-FGM organization Sahiyo. The study revealed that women had undergone the practice within Canadian borders.