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Trudeau On Trump’s “Racism”: That’s”Not How We Do Things” In Canada

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau today denounced tweets sent by U.S. President Donald Trump over the weekend that told a series of first-term congresswomen of diverse ethnic backgrounds to “go back” to their countries of origin rather than tell U.S. politicians how America should be governed.

Trudeau Remains SILENT While U.N. Say Islamic Nations Should Be Socially “INCLUSIVE”

Justin Trudeau has NEVER informed a communist, theocratic or totalitarian government they should be more INCLUSIVE. Why not? Why be selective in this regard? If Justin believes Canada MUST be inclusive, multicultural, pro- LGBT and the rest, why does he REFRAIN from this recommendation for China, Iran and Cuba?

Christianity In Decline As Islam Grows Within Western Nations

Of almost 4,000 people polled by the National Centre for Social Research (NatCen), 38 per cent described themselves as Christian – a fall from 50 per cent in 2008 and 66 per cent in 1983. Those identifying as Muslim increased from 1 per cent in 1983 to 3 per cent in 2008, and 6 per cent in 2018.

Trudeau Government Define “Islamophobia,” Elevate Above Major Religions In Canada

The three-year strategy, unveiled in Toronto on Tuesday by Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez, fulfils key recommendations from a parliamentary committee study that arose from a controversial anti-Islamophobia motion, M-103, which concluded last year.

Justin Trudeau Politically Empowers Non-Profit, Special Interest Organizations In Canada

Why did Prime Minister Justin Trudeau order his revenue minister to stop the Canada Revenue Agency from auditing politically active charities? A darn good question–and therefore by default one Justin Trudeau will never directly answer.

Justin Trudeau’s Agenda For Third World Control Of Canada

Anyone who follows Cultural Action Party Of Canada’s writings would conclude our organization despises Justin Trudeau. We will, however, give this fraudulent PM credit for one thing: being FUTURE-oriented. How does Justin Trudeau see the future for the Liberal Party, as well as the destiny of our nation in general?

Trudeau Govt Deny Christian Bible Camps Funding, Approves For Muslim Organizations

The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms said it will seek to overturn the federal refusal to fund summer counsellors for the two Bible Centered Ministries camps in Cooks Brook, 70 kilometres northeast of Halifax, and near Omemee, Ont., west of Peterborough.

MuslimLink Canada Reports Our Nation Is Built On “Violent Colonization, Genocide, Slave Labour”

In an interview with MuslimLink Canada, Qureshi states that “Canada is a country built on violent colonization, genocide and slave labour. Its governance was designed by, and for, white men with the specific intention of keeping racialized groups, as well as women, out of the policy-making process.

Justin Trudeau Using “Ethnicity, Religion, Tribalism” To Win Canadian Federal Election

According to Mr. Fatah, a “slow and steady ghettoization of Canada’s urban political scene is gathering pace. Ethnicity, religion and tribalism is being promoted as a tool in the upcoming October elections, instead of debating competing visions about Canada’s future.”