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Canada Connection? Liberal Govt Sent LETHAL VIRUSES To China in 2019

Now, we discover that Trudeau and his Globalist Gang have been sending  potential “bio-weapons” to China on a RECURRING BASIS. This all went down in the year 2019. Today, in 2020, a nasty and dangerous SARS-like virus is spreading from China to nations around the world.

Justin Trudeau Gives $930 Million To Fight AIDS In Africa, Middle East

Approximately .002% of Canadians are HIV positive. Therefore, it is IMPOSSIBLE for nearly $1 Billion dollars to be in any manner beneficial to the general population of Canada. How positively JUSTIN TRUDEAU.

Refugees could bring mountain of health issues to Canada

But the ordeal that led them here has taken a hefty toll on their health, a fact Canadian medical providers will soon have to confront.

Many Syrians have amputations and other war injuries, are nursing chronic diseases that have gone under-treated, for years or cope with psychological conditions from insomnia to post-traumatic stress and severe depression.

Canada opens refugee processing centre in Jordan with 3 cabinet ministers on hand

But one key problem right now is capacity for medical screenings.

Officials are currently only scheduling medical appointments elsewhere until they can beef up availability of services on site. One option is getting the International Organization for Migration or the Red Cross to run clinics, and the other is to have the military deploy a field hospital.