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Justin Trudeau SILENT As China Detains,Oppresses MILLIONS of Muslims

The Chinese government has detained more than a million Muslims in reeducation camps. Most of the people who have been arbitrarily detained are Uighur, a predominantly Turkic-speaking ethnic group primarily from China’s northwestern region of Xinjiang.

Third World Journalist Brands Anglophone Canada “Racist, Genocidal”

“Our legacy of favouring white immigration while opposing or restricting immigration from places unlikely to create “ideal Canadians.’’ This legacy continues to this day with 37 per cent of Canadians — enough to elect a majority government — saying that immigration is a THREAT to white Canadians.

73% Of Canadians DISAGREE with Trudeau’s Genocide Label For First Nations Murders: Poll

Colonial genocide is a slow-moving process. Unlike the traditional paradigms of genocide, which took place in determined periods of time and were characterized by mass killings, colonial destruction of Indigenous peoples has taken place insidiously and over centuries. 

MP Ahmed Hussen Wants “Dignity” For Third World Canadians, While Anglophones Are “Genocidal”

In a statement, Canadian Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen said that visible minority newcomer women face more challenges than any other demographic in entering the workforce. “This isn’t just about getting women jobs. It’s also about providing a sense of dignity and belonging. Canada’s gender equality is for all women, not just for some.”

Ex-Canadian Military General Romeo Dallaire: Trudeau “Wrong About First Nations Genocide”

Radio Canada questioned Romeo Dallaire about the use of the term “genocide” in the Final Report of the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls. Dallaire said he had “a problem” with the use of the word “genocide” to describe what happened to First Nations. “Is that an act of genocide? Is … Continue reading Ex-Canadian Military General Romeo Dallaire: Trudeau “Wrong About First Nations Genocide”

Human Rights Watchdog Investigating Trudeau’s First Nations “Genocide” Claim

The secretary general of an international organization of American countries has expressed “deepest consternation” about evidence of genocide against Indigenous peoples in Canada, and is proposing a special expert panel to examine the findings of the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls.

Justin Trudeau Denies ISIS Genocide, Brands Canada “Genocidal” Nation Instead

In 2016, Justin Trudeau voted against a Conservative motion declaring ISIS atrocities as genocide. So did the rest of the Liberal Caucus. Yet, just this week he was more than willing to label the domestic crimes committed against Indigenous women an act of Canadian genocide.”

Justin Trudeau Attacks His Own Nation, Brands Canada “Genocidal”

So according to PM Trudeau, Canada is a disgrace. According to Mr. “No Core Identity,” Canada is evil and awful. NOT Pakistan and their persecution of Christians. Not Somalia with its worldwide-leading cases of female genital mutilation. Not thug-like African governments who mass murder THEIR OWN PEOPLE.

First Nations Genocide, “Complete System Failure” Says NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh

According to NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh,  genocide is an accurate word to use for what he calls “a complete system failure” for Indigenous women and girls. Seems our Federal Party leaders are disgusted by Canada. Naturally, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau falls into this camp. The man never misses an opportunity to run down Canadian heritage and history.