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Angela Merkel vows to ‘tangibly reduce’ refugee numbers – gets seven-minute standing ovation from party

But in her keynote address to more than 3,000 Christian Democrat (CDU) delegates at a party congress in Karlsruhe, Ms Merkel effectively threw down the gauntlet to the rest of Europe and insisted that it share the burden in helping to solve the problem.

Europe Nears Accord With Turkey to Stem Tide of Refugees

ALLETTA, Malta — The European Union appeared a step closer on Thursday to a deal with Turkey that would represent its most ambitious attempt yet in trying to regulate the flow of migrants to the Continent.

At the end of a two-day summit meeting on the Mediterranean island of Malta, officials with the European Union said they had agreed to offer Turkey 3 billion euros, or about $3.2 billion, over the next two years to help Turkey cope with the more than two million Syrian refugees who had sought refuge there.

Croatia election heavily inflenced by refugee crisis

Croats vote on Sunday in their first parliamentary election since joining the European Union in 2013, as the country continues to deal with the large numbers of migrants fleeing war and poverty in the Middle East and north Africa.

Opinion polls pointed to a narrow victory for a conservative alliance favouring tougher controls on migration.