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Justin Trudeau Pushes Muslim-Canadian Vote, Ignores Other Communities

Trudeau said The Canadian-Muslim Vote had reached 2.5 million people in the past four years and noted the influence of Muslim grass roots volunteers. Statistics Canada’s 2011 National Household Survey suggests there are almost 1.1 million Canadian Muslims.

Justin Trudeau “Attempting To RIG” Upcoming Canadian Federal Election

it seems the real election interference is happening domestically, and is in fact being LED BY the Trudeau government itself.That’s because Justin Trudeau’s corrupt media bailout is a clear attempt to RIG the next election in his favour

264,000 Voter Registration Cards Sent To DECEASED Canadians, Illegal Migrants

Truth is indeed stranger than fiction. According to Elections Canada, about 207,000 voter information cards were sent out in the last election to people that are DEAD. Another 57,500 went to people that were not Canadian citizens.

Trudeau Government ENCOURAGING Voter Fraud As Federal Election Gets Closer

Conservative Senator Linda Frum is alarmed at the electoral changes the Trudeau government have quietly introduced.  “Liberal election Bill C-76 will CHANGE THE LAW so that voter registration cards are legal forms of voter ID once again.”