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Are Media COVERING UP Justin Trudeau’s Destruction Of Democracy In Canada?

Justin Trudeau is a destroyer. CAP are proud that we got lucky and were able to recognize this from week one. We believe many Canadians—millions and millions of us—could have recognized this profound truth as well.

CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail, Toronto Star and National Post prevented this from taking place.

Trudeau Incrementally ERODING DEMOCRACY In Canada With Parliament Suspension

What CBC see in this: Nothing unusual, nothing unprecedented– a purely banal event without consequence.

What CAP see in this: A tangible, incremental step forward in the erosion of democratic governance in Canada.

Trudeau Panders To 28 World Leaders For U.N. Council Seat During Pandemic

Liberal-Globalist “multiculturalism–an anti- European Canadian piece of legislation– sealed the deal for the trans-ition of Canada AWAY FROM what 98% of citizens wanted for the future of their country.