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Majority Polled Say “Canada Is BROKEN Under Justin Trudeau”

As noted by Ipsos, “It is clear that the election will be fought amid a backdrop of FEAR, disappointment and discontent, and the party leaders will be responding in their own way to either stoke or allay these feelings for their own purposes.”

Social Media Giants Agree to Justin Trudeau’s Censorship Demands

Now, the Trudeau government will control content of facebook, twitter and other social media giants. It’s all part of the globalist game. Erode freedom and democracy within our nation for the purpose of trans-forming Canada into a pseudo-socialist society. 


Are Pierre & Justin Trudeau A Tag-Team For The DEMISE Of Democracy In Canada?

Pierre Trudeau is the founder of multiculturalism in Canada. Despite decades of government and media propaganda, multicultural ideology is in truth a divisive force within society. It is the exact opposite of what the Trudeau clan claim it to be.  Pourquoi? Because Canadians of European heritage are shunned and excluded from the Trudeau-founded diversity banquet feast.