China Praises Liberal “Little China”– Communist Govt THRILLED With Justin Trudeau

“Our two countries have a tradition of SUPPORTING each other in trying times,” said Cong.

A stone-cold LIE. It is not “our country”— it is the Liberal Party of Canada—leader Justin Trudeau, who SUPPORTS the nation of China—even when they spread a KILLER VIRUS world-wide from which tens of thousands of people have died.

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Ottawa, Capital City Of Canada, Will PUBLICLY BROADCAST Ramadan Prayers Daily

Good old Ottawa— home of 153 years of Canadian political tradition. Epicentre of Canadian democratic governance since 1867. Location of Parliament, ground-zero for our Senate.

Deliverer of centuries-old RELIGIOUS PRAYERS from public loudspeakers.  Now this, fellow Canucks, is what CAP refer to as a “No Core Identity” Canada. Read more