Justin Trudeau Treats Us Like “Neo-Colonial Master” Says African Human Rights Leader

Justin Trudeau is no better than a ‘neo-colonial master’ to the people of Africa when it uses  aid money to push ideologically-driven programs that are contrary to African values and culture.”

— Human Rights Activist Obianuju Ekeocha Read more

Justin Trudeau “De-Colonizing” Canada, Transitions Anglophones To NEMESIS Community

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stated that his government will lead a wide review of ALL federal laws and policies to de-colonize Canada. Trudeau made the comments during a news conference in Ottawa. Read more

Trudeau To “DE-COLONIZE CANADA” As European-Canadians Transition To Nemesis Community

Has Trudeau ever once mentioned that CULPABILITY among Anglophone-Canadians for these transgressions is 100% UNFOUNDED?

Of course not. Trudeau is systematically VILIFYING Anglophones and European-derived Canadians. Read more

Anti-Anglophone Prejudice BECOMES SYSTEMIC In Justin Trudeau’s Canada

The end game would be obvious if Trudeau’s globalist puppet media expressed even an iota of truth on the matter.

Result? What CAP predicted during the first month that Justin Trudeau seized control  of the consciousness of Canada– Anglophone Canada have been trans-itioned to what CAP coined “SECOND NATIONS” Canada.

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Justin Trudeau To “DE- COLONIZE” CANADA, Anglophones Branded Nemesis Community

Justin doesn’t care. He has his nemesis community, and for as long as he remains prime minister, this man  will continue to disparage, disempower and marginalize this segment of Canadian society.

Meanwhile, Third World migration covers off the demographic issues. Multicultural ideology will ensure white Canada remains outside the walls of accepted “diversity communities.” Read more