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Why Democracy In Canada Will Be DESTROYED If Justin Trudeau Remains PM Indefinitely

CBC, CTV and the rest speak of immigration, but never do they speak of the long-term social impact of the phenomenon.

Trudeau’s Globalism: Will The Name “Canada” Eventually Be BRANDED RACIST?

“Canada became a country, the Dominion of Canada, in 1867. Before that, British North America was made up of a few provinces, the vast area of Rupert’s Land (privately owned by the Hudson’s Bay Company), and the North-Western Territory.” “By 1864, leaders felt that it would be good to join into one country. Known as … Continue reading Trudeau’s Globalism: Will The Name “Canada” Eventually Be BRANDED RACIST?

Majority OPPOSE Immigration Increase, Trudeau Moves From 310,000 To 340,000 Annually

A state is built upon the consent of the members of society. A constitution is drafted by the collective will of the people. Just as the state and the constitution are vital organic constructs, so is the primary method of informing them: PUBLIC OPINION.

Justin Trudeau follows these principles to the DEGREE OF ZERO.

Why Justin Trudeau- Brand “Liberalism” Is In REALITY Pseudo-Totalitarianism

“[The people of Canada ]are liberals in the true sense of the word — steady, reasonable, fair-minded, hard-working people who believe in freedom of speech and in the idea that the same rules should apply to everyone.” Justin Trudeau DISAGREES.