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Trudeau Falsely Claims 100% Of Refugees Properly Vetted In Canada

Federal auditor general Sylvain Ricard recently probed whether all three government agencies involved in refugee determinations have been consistently processing asylum claims in an efficient and timely manner. The audit found Canada’s refugee system has a backlog of asylum claims that is worse now than ever before.

Government, Media Downplay Arrest Of Potential Islamic Terrorists in Canada

Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale immediately stated there is no known connection to national security. According to this Liberal MP, there never is. As in the case of the Danforth Syrian refugee who murdered two teenage Canadian girls in cold blood, the idea a connection to radical Islam exists is a near-impossibility

Citizenship revamp: New Canadians no longer have to intend to live in Canada

This modern phenomenon of reverse migration is one that has been thoroughly embraced by tens of thousands Hong Kong and mainland Chinese immigrants alike, to varying degrees of legality.

The proposed amendments to the Citizenship Act, unveiled last Thursday, remove the requirement that new citizens must intend to live in Canada after obtaining citizenship

Conservative Senators vow to fight changes to citizenship laws for dual nationals

“A terrorist is a terrorist is a terrorist,” said Sen. Daniel Lang, chairman of the Senate national security committee, mocking the “a Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian” line from Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau during a leaders’ debate last fall.