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Pharma Billionaire Barry Sherman Murdered DAYS AFTER Trudeau Fundraiser Investigation Launch

Sherman and Apotex were looking at a possible five-year ban on lobbying the Liberal government if it could BE PROVEN that he ran afoul of rules that prohibit registered lobbyists like Mr. Sherman, from lobbying office holders they HELPED GET ELECTED.

Arabic Writing On Canadian Police Cars Anger American Tourists

A social media post about Arabic writing on patrol car has resulted in many angry phone calls from Americans upset over the apparent “Islamization of Canada.” The post was picked up by a conservative American blog site that also published the phone number for London police.”Headquarters has been getting calls like crazy,” Const. Sandasha Bough said. “Some of them are being patched up to me and people are just screaming at me.”

Top Canadian Journalist Accuses Justin Trudeau Of Buying Canadian Media To Win Election

CBC and National Post columnist Andrew Coyne stated Justin Trudeau’s $600 million media bail-out will “irrevocably politicize the press” and urged journalists to boycott the panel. Surprising that Mr. Coyne, one of Canada’s pre-eminent journalists, would bite the hand that feeds him.